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Secrets to our customer’s success

Our business accommodation customers share the secrets to their success
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Our business accommodation customers share the secrets to their success
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

If you’re a small-business owner, business success is your raison d’ ê tre. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning, and possibly keeps you awake at night. So how do you achieve it?  As we all take time to plan our business successes for 2019, we’ve been speaking to our Capital Space business accommodation customers and asked them to share their insights and the moments that have given them greatest satisfaction.  We hope their thoughts help you to achieve your strongest business performance ever in 2019!

The personal touch

“Go and meet your client instead of sending an email.  The amount of people who run businesses by email is ridiculous.  When I was working for British Gas, they didn’t have computers, so we had to go and pick up our work sheets in person.  When they introduced computers, we used to get sent them by email, and because of that, I never even met my manager.  It’s the same with clients; as a company, we like to meet people.  They might give you one or two jobs, but when you meet them in person, they’ll give you a lot more.”

Paul Nolan, Managing Director, Dynamic Doors, St. George’s Business Park, Sittingbourne.

Don’t try and do it all yourself

"The secret of my success is not trying to do everything myself and it has made a massive difference. I have learned to stick to what I am good at and what I am not good at, I pay other people to do, such as accounts and administration.  My proudest moment is the growth of the business. I have grown from a one-man band 12 months ago to getting a bigger office. Now the office is too small, and I am already talking to Capital Space to get another office."

Dr Miguel Gutierrez Martinez, Clinic director and chiropractor, MGM Clinics, Greenway Business Centre, Harlow.

Be prepared to work hard

“Hard work – that’s really what lies behind success; if you don’t put it in, you won’t get it out.  You also need determination to succeed and having the full team on board – everyone has to be on the same page.  We have regular meetings in the morning to look at what we have to do each day, and then we review it at the end of each day.  And we recognise success; if Richard wins a new client, we make sure we praise him for that.  And we all have KPIs to hit.”

Pete Pimperton, Driver Hire Maidstone and Medway, St. George’s Business Park, Sittingbourne.

Enter awards

"The proudest moment to date for Stonegrove Refrigeration were the awards we received in 2016 and 2017, including the RAC cooling awards Industrial Project of the Year 2016 and the ACR News Awards Contractor of the Year 2017. It was a recognition from the industry of our achievements from a business and efficiency point of view and also as a company. We won company awards for our all-round service and insulation abilities."

Ed Whinyates, business development manager, Stonegrove Refrigeration, Greenway Business Centre, Harlow.

Employ the right people

"You have to get the right people on the bus, sometimes before you even know where the bus is going."

Gary Day, Dragon Supplies UK LtdColchester Business and Seedbed Centre

Invest in customer relations

"The secret of our success is the relationship we have with our customers – word-of-mouth (recommendations) have been unbelievable. Within two years of being here, Capital Space nominated us for a business award, which was amazing. We went for it, didn't get it but got into the last three and it was splattered across all the papers."

Dean Rogers, managing director, Create Identitee, Greenway Business Centre, Harlow.

Invest in self development

“I always focus on my customers and I am always working on myself and investing in myself to become better at what I do."

Katie Charlton, Peck Nutrition, virtual customer at Churchill Square Business Centre, Kings Hill.

Concentrate on the customer

“I only employ the best of the best employees - and they all know that they have the authority to sort problems out in whatever way they deem fit. And if this means the project costs go up, then it’s money well spent. Because, if the customer receives a brilliant experience with my company – but the job doesn't make as much profit as we'd planned – then that is success in my book. And there is the secret: concentrate on the customer and the profit will follow, maybe not immediately. But you will receive an enquiry from a new customer and realise 'Aha! We've been recommended by the customer on the job that went wrong!'

John Ford, managing director, John Ford Group, Waterhouse Business Centre, Chelmsford.

Invest in training

"I am business minded and motivated. I have good communication and people skills with my clients. Having a creative background with art and hairdressing also helps in creating the eyebrows. The thorough training, I undertook prepared and trained me to a high standard. I felt confident to go on from then and start my own business.

"I have always enjoyed working for myself. This job is also very rewarding. I have clients that have had cancer and have had chemo or clients with alopecia or just people who are not confident in themselves ... eyebrows really make such a difference to them.

"Most of my business comes from my wonderful clients referring me, which has made my business very successful."

Jessica-Kate Longhurst, owner, Jessica's (semi-permanent makeup artist), St George's Business Park, Sittingbourne.

Businesses working in a huge range of sectors flourish in our business accommodation centres; they all started from somewhere and have faced challenges at some point along the road. If you need a little something to help you get through a tricky patch and grow to become bigger and better, then a small piece of advice can go a long way!

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