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Supporting charities with modern technology

Capital Space customer offers contactless payment option for charities
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Capital Space customer offers contactless payment option for charities
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Have you ever been to a charity event and wanted to donate money but realised you don’t have any cash to donate? Well, GoodBox are an innovative company that gives charities the option to accept contactless card payments. With many awards and a visit to Buckingham Palace already under their belt, they are an excellent example of our customers’ success.

Living in a cashless society
Going contactless at the Natural History Museum
Going contactless at the Natural History Museum

Technology is always changing, and in recent years, the ability to pay for items without cash has made trips to the shops even more convenient than before. As a result, many people don’t carry around loose change or physical cash and some don’t even carry a card, instead opting to pay for items with their mobile phones. Charities have taken a hit from this, something which innovative company, GoodBox, based at Capital Space Greenway Business Centre in Harlow, spotted early.  “We’re a company that supports charities by making contactless payment options. We support some large charities such as the Natural History Museum and Great Ormond Street Hospital, as well as some cathedrals, churches and other charitable organisations around the country. Our contactless payment devices are available for purchase or rent, and have been proven to increase donation income by up to 64%.” explains Operations Director Jill McDonald.

An up and coming company

GoodBox was founded in 2016 and, with their strapline For the Future Good, has been growing ever since. They have just designed a new device which is being launched in the UK at the start of this year: “We’ve been working closely with our product design team and have produced a new device called GBx Core. A shipment will be arriving here to Greenway Business Centre, Harlow, with 1,000 devices at the end of January. This site is going to be a distribution centre for direct shipment to customers and we will also send stock to our London and Manchester satellite sites for distribution from there.

“We also have a smaller device, called the ‘GBx mini-device’ which is a similar size to an iPhone, but thicker, as well as trialling a church collection plate which accepts digital payments. So many people are going cashless nowadays so it removes the hassle of going to the machine to get cash and having to deal with all the change.”

Moving back to Capital Space

GoodBox began its journey in Greenway Business Centre; but when they moved back here after being in other offices, the current management were unaware of their previous associations with Capital Space. “I think it was fate that we came back to Greenway Business Centre because GoodBox actually originated here; it started at number 76 with just four desks, and then they opened up offices in Manchester and London. Now we’re back, and we’re going to be doing sourcing and distributing.

“I’m from Old Harlow so for me this was a great place for GoodBox to open,” commented Jill.  “We are not too far away from Harlow train station, which is a short walk away and it goes straight to Liverpool Street. It’s all very central and rates are competitive here, especially for being so close to London. It’s great for deliveries because I’m expecting large deliveries and I wanted to find somewhere where that was possible without causing disruption to the neighbours – we want to keep a good relationship with them! When I came down and had a look around, it ticked all our boxes. This office just came up and it was a great size, it’s a lockable facility, and we have the space to store all of the our new and exciting products here."

“Our experience as a Capital Space customer has been absolutely second to none; all of the staff at reception are absolutely brilliant, they offer amazing customer service. I worked within a customer service role for over 20 years and I regard it very highly. For every service given here, the team have been brilliant – they can’t do enough for you! They answer phones well, they’re helpful, they go out of their way to help you out. It’s all very tidy and clean, which is great if clients want to come and visit our business. To have that type of clean pristine condition and the service to match, it’s second to none and I’d recommend it to anybody.”

Measuring success
Pitching at the palace
Pitching at the palace

In their few years since inception, GoodBox already have multiple awards to their name and are striving for more: “We’ve won lots of awards including the ‘PayTech for Good’ Award at the PayTech Awards 2018 and were highly commended in the ‘Crowdfunded Business of the Year’ at the 2018 Startup Awards in November.

“We also did amazingly well to become one of the finalists for the Pitch@Palace, which is hosted by Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace. Hundreds of companies were put forward and we were one of 45 who were selected to go to the event; of these, we were one of the twelve chosen to give a three-minute pitch in the palace. We are fortunate to have excellent staff and we only recruit people who have flair and knowledge and passion, qualities that will help our company succeed.”

Recognising trends and capitalising on them has done the world of good for GoodBox, who are growing day-by-day by doing good. An excellent example of a business utilising modern technologies to make the world run more smoothly.

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