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Selling peace of mind to sons and daughters

Mobility bathrooms providing peace of mind
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Mobility bathrooms providing peace of mind
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

When you are emotionally invested in the solution that your company provides for customers – when you know the benefits it delivers first hand – it can provide an additional motivation to succeed.  One of our customers at our Waterhouse Business Centre, Chelmsford, has been sharing how their personal experiences have inspired them to provide the right solutions for their customers, enabling them to build a successful business in the process.

Selling peace of mind, independence and confidence

When John Ford was growing up, his mother had Multiple Sclerosis and some simple home adjustments made a huge difference to allow her to move around the family home: “When she passed away my father remained living in the house until he died aged 96. Aided by the existing and other home adaptations, he was able to stay living independently, safely and happily in his own home until the very end.  That, in a nutshell - is the motivation behind the John Ford Group. It’s also our unique selling point; our business strategy; our reason for starting the company and quite often the reason why people choose to shop with us. We do more than just install adaptations to enable people to continue to live independently in their own homes.  We empathise, we understand why the work is required and we can personally prove that the adaptations will be successful.

“Suddenly – we’re no longer selling construction services. Instead we are selling peace of mind for sons and daughters worried about their parents, we are selling confidence to the end user that they can stay living in their own home and we are enabling self-esteem that clients can wash themselves independently, rather than having to be helped in and out of the bath. Who wouldn’t want to invest in these?” 

Profit doesn’t come first

The crux of the business is providing an excellent service, one that makes people want to recommend us to others: “All we have to do is provide an excellent service, give that little bit extra and manage the customers’ expectations. Easy! Well, of course, it’s not that easy because things go wrong. But I only employ the best of the best employees – and anyone that works for the company knows that they have the authority to sort problems out in whatever way they deem fit. And if this means the project costs go up, then it’s money well spent.

“If the customer receives a brilliant experience with my company – but the job doesn’t make as much profit as we'd planned – then that is success in my book. And there is the secret: concentrate on the customer and the profit will follow, maybe not immediately, but you will receive an enquiry from a new customer and realise 'Aha! We've been recommended by the customer on the job that didn’t make as much profit as planned!'”

Establishing themselves as experts

Part of the John Ford Group showroom
Part of the John Ford Group showroom

John believes that a business needs not only to give off the impression of expertise, but genuinely to be an expert: “I think what we did correctly – right from the start – was specialising. When we started 10 years ago there were no builders concentrating only in disability adaptations; some carried out adaptations as well as other general building (extensions, kitchen installations, etc), but we decided, right from the start, to become experts in this one small area of construction and only to carry out home adaptations. Because of this, we turned down a lot of general building work; even when we didn’t have any other work, we held our nerve and soon a decent job came in and we worked to become specialists!

“So, the secret to our success? We do genuinely care for our customers – a lot! We have personal experience of adaptations changing lives. And by specialising in this growing sector of the construction industry we are trailblazers, and if my parents were still alive, I would buy from my company!”

When your company has emotional value for yourself, and takes advantage of a gap in the market, you know you’ve found something special; something that John Ford of John Ford Group has achieved and continues to excel in.

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