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Complementary competitors help one another to thrive

Complementary competitors help one another to thrive
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Complementary competitors help one another to thrive
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Working full time for your company while studying hard for a degree may seem like a real challenge to many people, but it’s something that our Greenway Business Centre customer, Nicola Court, has done successfully, pulling through to propel her business forward. 

Unexpected beginnings

Nicola Court is a Chinese acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage therapist, but as is the case with many people, she fell into the business quite by accident: “I started out as a photographer and ended up in a job that was really dull. At the time I had done a couple of massage courses without the intention of ever doing it for work, but then the company I worked with went under. I thought to myself, I have these qualifications so I might as well use them to make some money. Now fast forward 15 years and I’ve got my own business, a master’s degree in herbal medicine and a degree in acupuncture!”

Competition or cooperation?

One important aspect when it comes to building a successful business is to establish points of difference from the competition to be able to thrive. We asked Nicola what sets her business apart from her competition, but her reply was unexpected: “I wouldn’t say I compete with anybody, there are quite a few local people who work in the same field as me, but we see each other as colleagues and peers. I specialise in gynaecology and fertility and my peers will refer relevant clients to me, and I will do the same for clients who would be better off seeing others who are more specialised. All the people in this community are great, we all help each other out and it isn’t about having what you might call a competitive edge,” explains Nicola. “But also, as a business it’s all about me as a person; I know not everyone will like me but I have some lovely, loyal clients that I’ve been seeing since 2000, and if they keep coming back then I guess I must be doing something right.”

Friendly and secure business accommodation

Due to the nature of her work, Nicola often has to see clients outside of regular office hours, working until 8pm a few nights per week: “I moved in here three years ago, at the time I was looking for suitable premises and other places I’d seen didn’t feel secure. I was recommended Greenway Business Centre but I was slightly concerned because it was an industrial estate. But I came down one evening at 10pm to see what it was like and there was a security guard who I’d seen doing the rounds which was really reassuring. I live a few miles down the road which makes it easy for me and it’s easy to get to for my patients. The other thing I really like is the reception; I appreciate the friendly receptionists who make my clients feel welcome when they arrive for their appointment and help me with any problems, it’s the first experience I’ve had with a reception and it’s great. I have very specific requirements for my work – it has to be quiet, that means away from the lifts or toilets and my office fits nicely. My experience has been really great – after all I haven’t left!”

When it comes to business, Nicola has managed to establish a strong brand and gain loyal customers through hard work and collaboration with peers.

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