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The power of video testimonials to grow your business

Video testimonials are an effective marketing tool
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Video testimonials are an effective marketing tool
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

If you want to take your business to the next level, one marketing technique you may want to consider is video testimonials. The technology required to produce high-quality video content is becoming less and less expensive, opening up this avenue to more businesses than ever before. Done right, video testimonials can provide believable endorsements, improve your search engine rankings and deliver return on investment.

What is the value of a video testimonial?

Videos have become incredibly accessible to anyone and everyone compared to the old days with the growth of YouTube. This means that companies don’t need to burn videos onto DVDs or create VHS tapes anymore to get seen on screen, allowing even the smallest businesses to exploit this avenue for marketing, being especially useful as means of showing off client testimonials.

“In the past when you did testimonials you would get a letter from somebody saying ‘Use this company they’re great!’ but nowadays we get a lot more fake news and these things can be easily faked,” explained Mark Jenner of Endorfin TV, a company that makes video productions for other businesses and individuals across the world. “Putting a client testimonial as a video on YouTube seems a lot more credible to people because it’s a real human being telling a story, not just written words.

“The best video testimonials we see are examples of when a business has solved a problem for their client, for example if they saved them money with their solution or sorted a problem that other companies couldn’t fix. If you showcase these things with a YouTube video, you can get a much better response.”

Are video testimonials worth the money?
Mark Jenner of Endorfin TV films a video testimonial
Mark Jenner of Endorfin TV films a video testimonial

As with all marketing techniques, the real value comes with a return on investment: “10 years ago when we used to make transmission copies for the TV stations on digibeta tapes, VHS tapes or DVDs for clients the monthly courier fee costs alone used to cost me over £2,000 which the clients would have to pay for – now shipping costs are just what I pay for broadband to upload my videos! Modern technology makes it much cheaper for clients – we don’t have to charge anywhere near as much for videos, making the ROI much higher.

“One great thing you can do – which was impossible in the old days – is make short teaser videos with ‘If you want to know more, click here’ – those are really good for driving traffic, and it’s really easy to track. You can see how many views you’re getting on a YouTube video and then you can see your site analytics of where your website traffic is coming from, so your return on investment is really simple to measure.

“The majority of people who do video testimonials will easily have the video pay for itself. One example is a client I had in Dartford who rang me back an hour after posting his video testimonial saying somebody had bought his £800 course, and now he’s getting 75,000+ views on his videos.”

The added SEO benefits

Speak to any digital marketer and they’ll tell you one of the most important things for online businesses is SEO, or search-engine optimisation. This is the art of getting your website to rank high in search engines, and video testimonials may have an added benefit here: “Google owns YouTube, and Google likes content posted to Google; as a result, posting to YouTube has a great impact on SEO. If you get your tags and keywords right, you can rank higher on Google with effective video campaigns.

“One extra thing you can do with videos is change keywords daily – we’ve done adverts before where we’ve added new keywords after uploading the video to involve some topical news; in the next few days we got over 5,000 views. You can’t do that sort of thing in a newspaper.”

What to look for in a production company

“History! Check the company can do what they say they do, find out what they’ve done in the past and how long they’ve been doing videos for; you’re spending your hard-earned money on it so check online to see what they’ve done and check the quality of their work. We have links to our high- and low-end videos on our website and they all work well. One other thing you should look for is someone who will sit down with you and understand your business; get someone who really understands the business so they get your brand values across better.”

Video testimonials could be an excellent marketing technique to propel your business forward. Easily measurable return on investment, benefits to SEO and the service becoming more and more affordable mean it could be a great solution for your business. 

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