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Business accommodation to improve brand recognition

Green Cross Training provide training courses including first aid and fire safety
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Green Cross Training provide training courses including first aid and fire safety
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Our Milton Keynes Business Centre Customer, Green Cross Training , are in an unlikely position. They are a well-established company with huge clients all over the UK competing with national, large-scale, well-known businesses – but few people know their brand. It’s a situation that’s arisen due to a rapid upscaling of the business since branching out on their own. As a result, increasing their brand exposure is one of their primary goals in the coming years.

Expertise in training

Green Cross Training  provide a one-stop shop for health and safety training, covering everything from regulatory compliance, first aid and fire safety training. “Our main clients are Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and BT, all of which we do first aid training for,” comments Ayrtam Ryall, Managing Director. “We also work with Coca-Cola, delivering a broad range of services from fork-lift truck training to risk assessment, as well as to a whole bunch of other companies that work underneath them.

“We’ve been around for 20 years as part of another organisation, but six-years ago we branched out and became independent; from then on we’ve grown and grown. What makes us different is that traditionally we’re very flat in terms of management structure, especially compared to our competitors who are very hierarchical. This means we can keep our pricing highly competitive while maintaining an exceptional service; we’re about 30 to 40 percent better value than our close competitors.”

Moving into Milton Keynes Business Centre

Green Cross Training  have a head office in Glasgow, with their Milton Keynes branch serving as the business operations centre. In January they made the decision to relocate their Milton Keynes office into the Milton Keynes Business Centre : “We were based about five miles down the road in Newport Pagnell. It was a converted barn in the middle of nowhere, which was lovely, but sadly, it wasn’t ideal for our brand exposure. When people came to us on training courses, they had to drive as there wasn’t any other way to get to us.

“Here at the Milton Keynes Business Centre our office is in a great location and more central to the Milton Keynes area, but it has the added benefit that as a Capital Space customer we’re inside the business community, giving us the opportunity to grow our presence. We want to be known as the one-stop people for health and safety training and advice and our location supports that; there are our Capital Space neighbours, plus another 600 businesses on the whole estate who’s doors we’ll be knocking on.”

A platform to grow from

“We’re looking to run free taster sessions to our business neighbours to find out what other directors’ legal role in compliance is. Many people don’t realise that they could potentially go to prison and we want to educate people about that. We’ll have one-hour sessions about legal compliance and mental health plus a whole load of other things – we’ve got a whole list of things we can run here, and the meeting rooms make that really easy for us.

“We’re already an established national company but actually, very few people really know our brand. We want to be recognised as a go-to place in the health and safety community. We’re aiming to at least double our turnover and maybe open up some satellite centres similar to what we have here in Milton Keynes in the coming years.

“We’ll know we’ve been successful when we have more clients, more turnover and more profitability – there are lots KPIs that we aim to achieve. This year we serviced 2,460 customers; next year we hope to serve 3,500, and then we’ll be giving more back to the community by employing more staff.”

Establishing a well-known brand name is the next hurdle for Green Cross Training to overcome, and their new business accommodation is the ideal platform from which to gain exposure and brand recognition.

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