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Sun-inspired business growth

Catherine Overton of Booker Wyatt Accounting
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Catherine Overton of Booker Wyatt Accounting
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
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One of the many benefits gained by making the step from your home office, living room or kitchen and into professional business accommodation can be the improvements to your productivity. Being surrounded by a professional environment can help to keep your mind focussed on work, allowing your business to progress in leaps and bounds. This was the case for our Churchill Square Business Centre customer, Booker Wyatt Accounting , who are demonstrating ambitions of growth early in their business journey.

Heatwave-inspired business accommodation

Last year’s heatwave provided a golden opportunity for Kings Hill accountant, Catherine Overton, in more ways than one. Glimpses of her sun-soaked garden from her home office desk proved to be an irresistible distraction: “I got a great tan, but no work done during the daytime. My discipline and my motivation went down the pan and it was evident last year that I had to do something about it if I wanted to avoid working evenings and weekends.”

After a recommendation from a client, Catherine started to rent an office at Churchill Square Business Centre – less than 15 minutes’ walk from her home – and hasn’t looked back since: “It’s very handy to get to and I love the space; it’s very calm and quiet. It’s just perfect for me.”

Tentative first steps

The former Citibank temp took the step into self-employment in 2013 after she became a single mum to her then 8-year-old daughter, launching Booker Wyatt Accounting Limited in 2016, offering bookkeeping services across mid-Kent and the surrounding area. Her experience working with finances at the bank meant she had no qualms when it came to retraining, but Catherine admits she was naïve at the start: “We all seem to go into it with this attitude that you just get yourself an email address, maybe a website and you tell people what you do and they will form an orderly queue – but of course it doesn’t work like that at all. My first two clients were from a postcard that I designed and stuck in the window of Martin’s on West Malling High Street. It cost a £1 a week and was the most effective advertising I have ever done. Then word of mouth became the way I grew my client base.

“Support from business networking groups such as BNI  and Ladies Who Latte  was also vital; business referrals aside, you get so much support, and when you’re on your own, you need that.”

Advice for new starters

Starting up a business and taking the step to move into an office can be a real challenge, so for budding entrepreneurs, Catherine advises: “Have a clear pricing structure in place from the start; it means you can avoid being caught off-guard and stops you giving ridiculously low quotes which you invariably regret later. Having a cushion of money to bank roll the first two years of business is critical .  You also need to be adaptable; you have to be willing to go out on a limb and learn new things. My business would not have thrived if I had stuck to one thing.”

The investment into a professional office with Capital Space in Kings Hill office has certainly paid off, and with ambitions to recruit another two potential new staff members, the future certainly looks sunny for Booker Wyatt Accounting .

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