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Proactive customer acquisition allows business to thrive

A proactive sales strategy has allowed Vending Sense to grow rapidly
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A proactive sales strategy has allowed Vending Sense to grow rapidly
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The work place would be a sad, deflated space without the humble coffee machine; many people rely on it to get going in the mornings (and often throughout the day), a fact that our Harlow Business Park customer, Vending Sense , are fully aware of. Supplying businesses across the UK with coffee machines, water coolers and vending machines, they’ve made tremendous strides in the industry, having only started in 2016.

All about growth

Founded exactly three years ago, Vending Sense have managed to grow rapidly through a proactive business strategy of acquiring customers: “I used to work for a competitor; they did a lot of online marketing but not so much going out and getting their own customers,” reflects Sam Marra, Sales Director. “It was frustrating because they weren’t getting as much business – then I was asked to come and work for Vending Sense in November 2016 after they’d started up. Here, we go out, target customers and acquire them proactively. We also do online marketing and lead sourcing, but cold calling and using LinkedIn has been our best way to generate business and we’re growing at a good pace.” 

Vending Sense rent and lease coffee machines, water coolers and vending machines
Vending Sense rent and lease coffee machines, water coolers and vending machines

Customer-retention strategies

Any business owner will tell you that excellent customer service is key to retention and generating repeat business, and the fact isn’t lost on Vending Sense , whose secret to success is building up a reliable, fast repair service: “We’re different because our service is amazing; we’ve carefully picked our service companies from across the UK. The industry standard for repair times is about 24 hours. Our call out times are about eight hours – our engineers are based all over the UK and we have 52 different engineer partners. That means if someone’s machine is broken, the chances are that we have someone around the corner to help them. We’ve built that over the past 24 months up from going to tradeshows, calling service partners and getting recommendations from manufacturing partners where we’ve seen who they’ve been using.

Most people would say profit is how you measure success, but for me, I’d love to have 50 staff working for me and having a work environment where I enjoy coming in every day.”

How Harlow Business Park have helped

“We moved to Harlow Business Park in October 2018. There are twelve of us, but we are aiming to employ more and more as we grow. We chose the Capital Space office after visiting a few places; Harlow Business Park stood out. It’s on the ground floor which is great and they look after us. We use the meeting rooms, which are really good for us. Also, if we have to leave the office, they’ll send out and receive parcels for us.

“The Capital Space team is on the ball with everything and have put us in touch with the right people when we needed it. When we first moved in, we had no desk or chairs but they helped us to get that sorted as soon as possible – they even gave us the keys to the office early so we could measure everything and get it all sorted!”

A proactive customer acquisition strategy and a strong drive and determination to succeed has enabled Vending Sense to grow at a furious rate, allowing them to take the step into professional business accommodation in our very own business centre in Essex. We can’t wait to see them stepping up and competing with the big hitters in the industry.

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