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New qualification creates business opportunity without limits

Jessica\'s microblading achieves shapely brows
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Jessica\'s microblading achieves shapely brows
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Starting a new business is always a challenge, but careful planning and a solid foundation will increase your chances of success.  Studying the sector and getting the best possible qualifications are two investments that have paid off for St George’s Business Park customer, Jessica’s Microblading.

Jessica-Kate Longhurst, who runs a semi-permanent makeup business, Jessica’s, moved into St George's Business Park in Sittingbourne in September last year. The professional setting has already paid dividends for her business: "It’s cleaner and nicer here and it’s more professional having my own salon. My appointments work smoother too and I’ve gained a lot of new clients from being here.”

Jessica, who is also a mobile hairdresser, rented a room on the High Street in Sittingbourne for a year before she moved into St. George’s Business Park after a recommendation from another customer: "I was impressed; the free parking is a massive plus and I wanted something small, so I put myself on the waiting list – when a unit became available, I jumped at the chance to move in. I’ve been happy ever since; I redecorated the unit over the weekend, installed a new reception desk, lights and chairs. The unit’s great; it’s easy and flexible and everyone is friendly here."

Building the foundations to start a business

Jessica was inspired to start her business after working for a number of years in a management position: “There was no more progression in my job, I couldn’t climb any higher – I needed something without any limits. One day, I just knew I wanted something different, and it just started out as an idea. I’ve always had an interest in eyebrows – I’d had my own eyebrows bladed, so I knew how amazing the treatment was. I researched courses and trainers for weeks; the courses aren’t cheap, so I wanted to get the absolute best – there are lots of stories I’ve heard about people having to retrain after a bad course. After six months of training with K.B Pro Nouveau I became a qualified microblading artist.

“Once I was qualified, I set up my business renting a room from a friend’s salon on Sittingbourne high-street. I loved it there and spent around a year building up my clientele and reputation. But when the opportunity arose to open my own salon, I couldn’t turn it down – it just felt right. Things had been going really well and this was always my dream. I am mainly in the salon four to five days a week and I offer my mobile hair services on the odd day when I’m not in the salon. As my semi-permanent make-up is so popular, I have plans to reduce the hairdressing slowly over time and bring in my new services. Most of my business comes from my wonderful clients referring me, which has made my business very successful."

Building a successful business is never easy but doing your homework and making careful decisions is one excellent way to ensure long-term success. Jessica’s is an excellent example of this, showing that taking each step as it comes, getting the right qualifications and encouraging clients to spread the word about your services can get you off to a flying start.

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