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Working on the business to ensure sustainable growth

Full-on employees and drivers fueling business growth
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Full-on employees and drivers fueling business growth
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Our Milton Keynes Business Centre customer, Full-On , are in a unique situation; they have only one client and yet are experiencing vast year-on-year growth. But as with any company that is expanding exponentially, ensuring consistent standards is vital to maintain sustained success. They’ve shared with us how they are achieving both growth and quality.

Operating with a single client

Full-On  are able to function with a single client because that client happens to be the largest online retailer in the world. “We supply drivers for our client in eight of their fulfilment centres across the UK. Throughout the year we have between 200 and 400 drivers,” explains Mark Wichall, owner of the company. “When someone buys something from our client, our drivers – who are all self-employed – will deliver the products to the customers. We first got the contract in 2013, starting at one of their fulfilment centres, but because we’re so good at what we do, we’ve been able to grow. It’s at this time of year that we’re always recruiting for self-employed drivers.”

Streamlining for future growth

As Full-On have grown, one of the key items on the to-do list has been to streamline all the systems to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently. To achieve this, the company hired Donna Forster as Mark’s personal assistant to work on maintaining a consistently high standard as the business grows. Donna’s experience in recruitment was invaluable when it came to business operations for the company.

Full-on driver of the week, Jason Lee
Full-on driver of the week, Jason Lee
“The business is very successful and our year-on-year growth is quite extraordinary. But to sustain that we need to take a step back to get the systems and processes working more smoothly so we can continue to progress,” explains Donna.

“It starts with the recruitment process; retention of the drivers is a massive focus because they are the basis of our business and we want to support them as best we can to maximise growth. Then it’s about ensuring everyone conforms to the constraints of our client – which can be very difficult because they’re continuously changing. At the end of the day we only have one client so when they say ‘Jump’, we say ‘How high?’. We have to make sure everyone on board is compliant and is doing everything correctly.

“In the coming years we want to keep growing. Our reputation is incredibly good; our client comes to us before anyone else. We want to harness that reputation to be able retain more drivers and continue to expand.”

A change of scenery

“We’ve been in our Milton Keynes Business Centre office since 2015. We had to move from where we were because it was an awful office – it had water coming through the roof and the landlord didn’t want to know; we just had to get out. We chose Milton Keynes Business Centre and absolutely loved it; the atmosphere’s great, it’s clean, friendly, warm and the package works out perfectly for us,” says Mark.

“Our office is also cost-effective for the size we have and it’s maintained really well,” adds Donna. “On top of that, the staff are incredibly friendly, they’re chatty and anything we ask of them is done immediately. There’s no hidden agenda and there’s no upselling. We’re also able to utilise the services of other companies in the centre, such as Aspurian Digital and Nutmeg Printing – it’s a great network of businesses.”

Taking a step away from the day-to-day challenges to plot sustainable development is vital for business success; Full-On are providing a text-book example of how to look ahead to build on their current momentum.

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