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A perfect fit for fitness

LIVEnActive owner, Livvy Clarke
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LIVEnActive owner, Livvy Clarke
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Starting your own business from nothing can be a challenging prospect, but it’s something our Milton Keynes Business Centre customer LIVEnACTIVE  has relished. A self-confessed PT nerd, she is now working on business development and improving her sector knowledge to underpin future expansion.

Blown away by our business accommodation

When personal trainer Livvy Clarke was looking to set up her own fitness studio in Milton Keynes, the only thing holding her back was lack of a base: “I used to teach at gyms and often had people coming up to me after classes and saying, ‘Can you please train me?’ but I had nowhere to use. I wanted to have my own space that people could come to.

“I visited a number of potential homes for my studio, but Milton Keynes Business Centre was the one that blew me away and the atmosphere here is very friendly and professional. It is about so much more than just office space – there are all sorts of companies here, with a wide variety of space and affordable pricing options, so the team was able to sort me out with exactly the space I needed to accommodate everything from personal training sessions to FitSteps and Zumba classes. I now have the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone else is handling property management, backed by a supportive management centre team.”

Learning and growing

FitStep course with Strictly professional Ian Waite
FitStep course with Strictly professional Ian Waite

Livvy enjoys finally working in her own studio and is now concentrating on building her business: “Starting out from scratch, I have some good and some bad weeks; it teaches you humility. I’ve never been good at selling myself so I’m working on building up my marketing – it’s something I’m trying to develop.

“I’d like the company to grow so, on top of marketing, I am continually learning about the human body so that I can provide a better service – I’m actually a bit of a nerd – my specialism is low back pain. Low back pain is never just about the back; our lifestyles cause our bodies to compensate in different ways and the result is often back pain. I make a point of explaining functional movements to clients and show them how to move better, not just in class, but in their daily lives. Clients often say it is the first time they have understood how the way they move impacts their body. My biggest thrill is seeing people improve and hit their goals. I was an Irish dancer and competed several times at the An Comhdhail World Championships, so I understand the despair of setbacks, the fight to regain confidence and thrill of winning. Those experiences have done a lot to shape the compassion that I have for everyone who walks through the doors of LIVEnACTIVE .”

Planning for future business success

Capital Space  business accommodation has provided Livvy with the base she needed to start her own business – but also to grow for the future. And the Milton Keynes centre management team is playing a key role in this: “Roxanne on reception, for instance, has been spreading the word and handing out my leaflets so that others in the building know what I’m offering – it’s all about building a community here.

“At the moment, the business is new so it’s about expanding steadily. But once I’ve built up my existing client base, I’ll be ready to add more classes, with more space – and more fitness equipment!” 

With a focus on personal development and expanding her client base, Livvy is providing a solution for people in Milton Keynes who want to get fitter and understand how their body is working to achieve their goals.

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