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Father-and son-team are cooking up a storm

Father-and son-team are cooking up a storm
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Father-and son-team are cooking up a storm
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Chef duo Noel and Pete Bartlett are the proud owners of Waterhouse Kitchen, an onsite kitchen at our Waterhouse Business Centre. Coming up to their first anniversary since opening, Waterhouse Kitchen has been growing in popularity and the only way is up!

Noel’s background in catering was the catalyst for the business venture: “When I was 17, my first job was washing pots in my dad’s kitchen. Then I went off and did my own cheffing. But I was sick and tired of the unsociable hours, and wanted to take a step back and spend more time with my girlfriend. I had always thought about going it alone one day, but I never actually believed it would happen.”


Seeing the potential


Then Noel struck gold: “The chance to get this place came up and I saw its potential straight away - I couldn’t turn it down. So I went for it!” Noel said. “When we set up, Dad also needed a gig, so we went hell-for-leather and teamed up. And we’re both still cooking, which is great,” he continued. The match clearly could not be better.

Their gamble paid off. Waterhouse Kitchen customers have quadrupled since opening in August 2018, and it is still early days. “People have really got behind us,” Noel explained. “In the next few years, this place is going to be huge. There’re still people on the site that don’t know we’re here. The site across the way is growing, along with flats going up around us. The whole area means high footfall for us, and we haven’t even had to advertise yet.”


Word of mouth pays dividends


Clearly, their business sells itself. Customers come through word of mouth, all wanting a taste of their fresh ingredients, sourced from good, reliable suppliers. “Some of them supply not only us but Michelin-starred restaurants. That is the standard of ingredients we’re working with,” Noel stated.

Passion for their business is at the forefront of the father-and-son team’s approach. “It’s the little things that make us different – we bring the love. If you want to get into the food industry to make money, you’re going to fail. You’ve got to be in it for the love, and the money comes second,” Noel stated.

So, if you work in the vicinity of Waterhouse Business Centre, look out for Pete’s monster of a motorbike, parked outside the café. Then let the smell of a fresh morning brew lure you inside, to the bright orange interior where old hessian coffee sacks and signed MotoGP memorabilia serve as decoration. Feeling peckish? Order the hot Essex asparagus, poached in truffle butter, served with Serrano ham, English muffin and truffle hollandaise. Enough said.

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