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How Solar Panels are saving us money in our St George’s Business Centre

Solar panels save money and the environment
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Solar panels save money and the environment

We’re always been committed to finding solutions that improve our environmental footprint – and that of our business accommodation customers. Our investment in green technology is long established – and at St George’s Business Centre in Sittingbourne we’ve increased the amount of electricity we generate ourselves by 50%.

Solar panels on our business centres across the South East are just one of our green initiatives that help make our office, workshop and studio business centres more environmentally friendly, enabling us to generate some of the power used by us and our clients, with any surplus made available to other local homes and businesses via the national grid.  This reduces our carbon footprint, but also helps our clients with their own Corporate Social Responsibility.

We already had two arrays of solar panels (yes, ‘an array’ is a collective noun for them, so now you know…) at our St George’s Business Centre in Sittingbourne, but we’ve now installed an additional one, bringing the total number to three.

Paying for itself

The planned 22.425kw array has been fitted to the roof of building F, which consists of 10 offices. It cost £17,791 to install and we’re anticipating that it will have paid for itself within just over four years; the lifespan of such panels is typically 20 years. The array should be able to generate 22,425kWh of electricity in one year, and we calculate Capital Space and our customers will consume 80% of it.

Saving money and the environment

We estimate that, having installed two 30kwh systems in 2016, we’ve saved around £18,000 in electricity costs through generating our own solar energy. And we’ve long been committed to this sustainable source of power: we installed our first solar panel in Croydon in 2012. To date, six of the company’s centres currently have solar panels on their roofs, representing a total investment of more than £600,000.

Our new solar panels at Sittingbourne are just the latest in our ongoing programme of green initiatives designed to make our business centres better for the planet.

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