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Keeping costs down to maximise profits

Keeping costs down to maximise profits
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Keeping costs down to maximise profits

Small business owners are often told you need to find a niche if you really want to be successful. It’s a mantra that Colchester Business and Seedbed Centre customer Datafuel epitomise; they’re a marketing agency, but they offer a very bespoke service for one sector only. It’s an approach that has enabled them to finetune their offering to meet all their clients’ marketing needs and become their one-stop shop.

Datafuel offers a very specific service to mail-order companies, match-making clients with the data they need for marketing success. “Essentially, we are a one-stop marketing agency for the mail-order industry,” explains owner Damian Philip. “We advise companies on what data can do for their business and link them with those that have that data, always knowing beforehand that the data is clean, relevant and – something that’s essential these days – that it complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).”

Not surprisingly, Datafuel are passionate champions of mail-order: “As consumers demand more choice and value for money, I believe we will see continued growth within this sector. The introduction of GDPR has made marketers and data processors more accountable for their actions and – while some have found this challenging – we see this as a positive, creating more room for relevant and healthy competition.”

Diversifying to become a one-stop shop

Having started in 2007, Datafuel have expanded their offering: “Now, we are very much a one-stop shop for every aspect of mail-order bar actually sourcing the product. When companies approached us looking for new contacts to market to, it made sense for us to say: ‘Who’s producing your catalogue? Could we get it designed, printed and mailed for you at a better price? What about your marketing leaflets? Could we be printing those?’ We have long-term relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to offer the most efficient service and competitive rates in the market, including data, design, print, post and fulfilment.”

Creating business opportunities

Datafuel’s clients come from a diverse range of sectors: “We help mail-order companies from garden-equipment suppliers to homeware – even self-help books. The business has grown because I seize every opportunity; if I see a catalogue, I’ll request a hard copy and automatically get the relevant quotes run, then I’m in a position to offer a competitive proposal that’s not time-consuming for the client.”

How Capital Space has helped

Datafuel moved into Capital Space’s Colchester Business Centre the year they started. “It was a short drive from home and suits our needs – just me and my book-keeper. I could have gone for a ‘show-boating’ office set-up that made a statement about the success of the business, but if I’d taken that approach, I’d never have survived lean times. Staying here makes sound business sense – plus I really like it! It meets all my business needs, the terms are very flexible and it’s an affordable option that offers great value for money.

“I want my profits to go back into the business or into my bank account, not into expensive services that don’t add value. At Capital Space, what you see is what you get – and the support is outstanding. Our caretaker John really goes the extra mile. He came in to work to shovel snow off the drive one winter – and it was his day off! I honestly can’t imagine getting that sort of service anywhere else.”

Looking to your bottom line and finding every possible opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential client are two great tactics for business success – and ones that are serving Datafuel well.

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