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A solid business plan goes a long way

A solid business plan goes a long way
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A solid business plan goes a long way
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Our Kings Hill customer, ETS Health and Safety , is smashing its targets, and it is primarily down to its expert team and rock-solid business plan.

Louise Mingay, a former scientist who once worked for the Health Protection Agency at Porton Down in Salisbury, is no stranger to research and careful planning, and these are skills that have served her well in the business world. Using them as the foundation for her company, ETS (‘Ease the Strain’) Health and Safety, which offers advice around this complex area, has certainly proved successful. ETS has seen rapid growth, with an ever-expanding portfolio and clients covering every sector from property to manufacturing.

Solid foundations

Established in 2011, ETS was founded on the principle that health and safety law and legislation should be easily accessible to companies – and presented in a functional, understandable way, so that clients can concentrate their energies on other parts of their businesses. “Our aim is to ease the strain for our clients, so they can ease the strain for their staff. That’s what ‘ETS’ stands for.”  From the very start, Louise and her husband Darryl recognised that there was a niche in the market that had yet to be filled “We did our research, we had a business plan and we identified where we could make a difference,”  said Louise. Many companies lacked in-house expertise regarding health and safety, the couple’s research showed, and were relying on just one in-house person to handle everything: “if that person leaves, the company is stuck. This is where we come in, and the service we offer can prove invaluable.”

Offering such a unique service meant rapid growth was inevitable, and only a year later, ETS were expanding their workforce and needed to move out of the Mingay family home.  Such swift development coupled with the need for new accommodation may have fazed some businesses, but Louise explains her preparation and flexibility allowed her to accommodate the change: “You need to give a business plan long enough to succeed, but not be scared to change it to match any changes in your circumstance.”  

A new home for health and safety

Luckily, Capital Space was on hand to help with the accommodation side of her business, so Louise and her team could concentrate on their customers. “Kings Hill’s Churchill Square Business Centre was a natural fit for us because its monthly contracts allowed me to expand my office space along with the business. You need a computer but you get your phone here, you have Wi-Fi here; it’s so easy. It’s a nice place to work, and the reception team are helpful, too.”

As a new employer with a growing number of staff, ETS were extra aware of the need for good health and safety practices: “Not only is it a legal imperative, we realised that – just as we were – people are generally willing to follow best practice in health and safety because they care. After all, no one wants to send employees home in a worse state than they arrived in!” Louise is well aware that much of ETS’s success is down to its own care for clients and staff, along with, “hard work – you have to put the hours in”.  

Louise is positive that maintaining good relationships with customers and staff will be key to ETS’ ongoing success in the future: “We fully intend to continue providing an excellent service. Having a good working environment for our team is an essential cornerstone in making this possible.”

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