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Visionary leadership plus loyal staff equals strong business growth

Visionary leadership plus loyal staff equals  strong business growth
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Visionary leadership plus loyal staff equals strong business growth
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

When you work in a sector dependent upon offering the highest quality advice, you have to be passionate about relationship building, not just with clients but with the staff you employ, too. After all, if they don’t understand and share your approach, how can they convey it to your clients? One of our Milton Keynes financial sector customers is enjoying the benefits of this approach, using it to power a strategy that is seeing his business base – and his expert staff – benefit from rapid growth.

A clear vision

Riz Nawaz is a man with a passion to share. His RAAN Advisory Group may be a relatively new player on the crowded financial services scene, but he and his team are very aware of what makes their proposition special. Working in partnership with the largest protection advisory company in the UK – LifeSearch – they are well equipped to offer their clients a premium advice-based service.

“Having worked in wealth management for many years – with stints abroad, including several years in Dubai – I’m passionate about offering clients clear, concise, expert advice. One of the things that made me want to set up on my own was an appreciation of the benefits that in-depth, consultative financial advice can offer, both to the client on a practical basis and in terms of ongoing relationship building.

“When we offer our clients advice, we really do examine their lifestyles in detail, questioning them and challenging them to consider all sorts of circumstances where insurance might be to their benefit. We go that extra mile to ensure our clients are protected if they are ill or unable to work for any reason, and their loved ones are protected in the worst case scenario that they die. Products we suggest can help ensure, as far as possible, they are protected in all eventualities.”

Getting the setting right

RAAN Advisory Group started out sharing its offices with another company, but in June of 2018, it moved to its own unit in the Milton Keynes Business Centre. “I considered other serviced office accommodation providers in our area,” Riz recalls, “but I liked the friendly, professional atmosphere at Capital Space, plus its facilities are excellent: meeting rooms, a kitchen and reliable broadband. We rapidly outgrew the space we had initially and moved into another office. Today, around eight of us share 900 square ft.”

Building an A team

To keep up with the rapid growth of the business, Riz has set himself the goal of recruiting a couple of new brokers a month: “Of course, I’m very exacting when it comes to choosing my staff. It’s not just about an intellectual ability to do the job, it’s about a whole range of other skills, too. Are they a good communicator? Will they be able to connect with clients? Do they understand what I – and the business – am trying to achieve? So far, I’ve been incredibly fortunate in building such a workforce – their loyalty is impressive and we really do have a family feel to the company. I took everyone off for a work trip to Marrakech earlier this year, which was an opportunity for us to bond and of course to have a great time – we’ve even got the Instagram photos to prove it!"

Measuring business success

Riz says that, though turnover and profit are of course key, there are other ways in which he measures the success of his work. “I do consider myself to have a personal responsibility for each and every one of my staff members’ success – we’re a team, and if I’m open, honest and motivated with them, I trust they’ll be open, honest and motivated with me.  The key driver for all of us is the knowledge that we’ve ensured that a customer is better protected. That’s what keeps us enjoying what we do – that and the occasional group company weekend abroad!”

Working with your employees to keep them happy and ensure they share and understand your company values is great for you, for them, for your customers and your business. The message is simple: no matter what form it takes, from rewards to trips abroad to the time you spend training them, it pays to invest in your staff.  

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