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Simpler internet pricing to create cost certainty for small businesses

Simpler internet pricing to create cost certainty for small businesses
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Simpler internet pricing to create cost certainty for small businesses
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We know that one of the many things our customers particularly value about our Capital Space business accommodation offering is the consistent, reliable internet coverage that we provide in each of our business centres. It’s an essential part of our service, but now we’re making the pricing even simpler. 

Simpler internet pricing to create cost certainty

The internet is an essential part of today’s business world – if it doesn’t work, neither do you. At Capital Space , we recognise that you rely on us to keep on top of the system, meaning one less thing for you to worry about. And in a complicated world, it pays to keep things simple wherever possible, which is why we’ve decided to simplify our pricing. From February 2020, our customers’ monthly rolling licence fee will include internet fees.

Chris Martin , Capital Space’s IT manager, says: “Our customers' financial budgeting has never been easier as our new service will provide 100% cost certainty.”

Our commitment to meeting our customers’ IT needs

Peter Boam , Capital Space managing director, comments: “Reliable and rapid connections between business and the internet now present arguably the greatest tests for every provider of business space. We attach so much importance to ensuring that we offer the best possible combination for every one of our customers that we have our own in-house telecoms expert, Chris Martin. Chris ensures that our customers always have a friendly ear to listen to them and to respond appropriately.  The forthcoming periodic review of our charges to customers will include full use of the internet and the associated technical support within our monthly licence fee for the first time."

 Key benefits of our transparent internet service

Previously, customers paid for internet fees separately according to their data usage, and we used a band-pricing structure to calculate their fees. From February 2020, new customers will see internet pricing included in their monthly rolling licence fees. Only super users – a small percentage of our 1,000+ customers - whose monthly use averages more than 200 Gb per unit for six consecutive months will be charged £250 per month. Users of this very significant volume of data would in most situations be obliged to contract for a leased line at a cost considerably higher than our figure.

The key benefits of our internet service include:

  • No set up costs
  • No cost for changes
  • No cost for moving within the site
  • No installation costs
  • No capital equipment costs
  • No long-term contracts 

Reliable internet with failsafe backup

We’ve invested in high-quality, reliable and resilient internet technology that won’t let you down. We provide internet access with a full failover at all of our business centres (i.e., backup service) to ensure the most reliable system is always available to you. There are no fees for connection or disconnection and we offer this inclusive service as part of your rolling monthly licence fee. There is no limit to the amount of data you can transmit or receive (unless you average more than 200 Gb per month per unit over six consecutive months).

 New to Capital Space or moving from one unit to another?

From the moment you move into a Capital Space business centre , you’ll find the latest internet technology available to you, ensuring you can get connected – and working – with minimal effort and at maximum speed. 

And it’s not just about the reliability of our internet provision; we also offer our customers full autonomy .  All our offices and studios are equipped with a Cat5e structured cabling scheme, which terminates in a wall rack within the unit; this LAN infrastructure can be used for the telephones as well as customer PCs and printers, giving customers total autonomy and security over their equipment and services.

If you’re moving from one unit into another – perhaps as you grow your business – you won’t be charged for shifting the internet, and it’ll be done automatically and seamlessly.

 Additional internet services

We also provide additional internet add-on services:

  • External IP address for Virtual Private Network : £7.50 per address per month
  • Fixed bandwidth : This is our version of a leased line. It is exclusively for your use and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The tech bit: how we make our internet reliable

The internet service at all sites is provided by BT, using Leased Line technology, over fibre optic cables. Most of our centres enjoy 1Gbit bearer circuits. Those where traffic does not yet necessitate this capacity have upgrades promptly as demand increases.

At all of our sites, a failover line has been installed which is identical to the primary line and routed from a different BT exchange over a totally diverse connection. In the event of a failure, the switch over to the failover line is totally automatic within 45 seconds.

We’re always committed to providing business accommodation packages that suit our customers’ evolving business needs. Simplifying our internet pricing and including it within our monthly licence is our latest innovation to make life even easier for them.

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