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Bouncing back with a unique offering

Light at the end of the tunnel for plumbing entrepreneurs
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Light at the end of the tunnel for plumbing entrepreneurs
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

A problem shared, they say, is a problem halved – and sometimes it’s a problem solved. When a company folded, three of its team members decided that, rather than job hunting, they’d create their own roles, pooling their expertise to fill a niche in the market. One year on, and our Harlow Greenway Business Centre customer Knight & Day Drainage and Plumbing has nearly doubled its team. No wonder it’s so optimistic about the future.

No two days the same

“What I enjoy about this job is the variety,” says Chris Reeve, Director of Knight & Day Drainage and Plumbing . “We tend to work with professionals from architects to property managers, so we’ll do everything from installing bathrooms in serviced accommodation apartments to sending special cameras down drains to report on their condition.

“The ‘investigative’ work is particularly interesting – recently a client contacted us about a bad smell in their property. Had something died under the floorboards? We were able to work with carpenters to get under the floor, then had all the right breathing equipment so the origin of the smell could be investigated without threatening anyone’s health. We knew nothing had died – that produces a sweetish smell, and this wasn’t like that at all. In fact, it turned out that sewage had been slowly leaking out under the property for several months. We sorted the offending pipe, cleaned up the mess and replaced the floorboards so everything was as good as new – all this while the property’s landlord was abroad. That’s the level of customer service we always aim to offer.”

A great working relationship

Knight & Day’s relationship with Capital Space has proved productive in a number of ways. “When you’re launching a new business, it’s great to know you’ve got the flexibility of paying on a month-by-month basis; you’re not tied down to, say, a five-year lease. While the support of the team here in Harlow has been outstanding, we’ve also benefitted in terms of actual work that’s come our way via our relationship with them.

Recently, our centre manager Lorraine Lee  rang about a sink hole in the car park at Capital Space’s Loughton site. Obviously, as soon as she spotted a problem, she wanted it sorted because that’s the sort of company Capital Space is. We were able to tackle it straight away, so everyone was happy. And we’ve worked for other Capital Space centres too, so our relationship Greenway has had a very positive knock-on effect for us.”

Looking for steady growth

Having made such a strong start, Chris is keen to see the business grow with plans for a new website and further marketing. But he’s mindful of the ethos that’s at the heart of Knight & Day : “We chose our name not because any of us has the surname Knight or Day, but because we like the way it conveys the idea of shining armour-level help and 24-hour service. And service is what we’re all about: quite simply, we never forget that – when it comes to choosing who they work with, our customers have a choice. We want that choice to be us.”

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