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Holistic approach to health benefits clients and business

Professional, holistic healthcare in a professional setting
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Professional, holistic healthcare in a professional setting
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Our Churchill Square Business Centre customer, All About U Health Treatments, is expanding its client base. Using traditional Osteopathic and Acupuncture techniques and a holistic approach to health with a modern understanding of how the body functions. Paul Gould incorporates the use of a unique combination of health treatments available to clients at Kings Hill and beyond at times that suit them, in a relaxed yet professional setting that’s easy to find and offers plenty of parking.

Natural health treatments

For the past five years, osteopath and acupuncturist Paul Gould has been providing a truly holistic health service to clients from our Kings Hill base: “We provide natural health treatments to residents and businesses of Kings Hill and the surrounding area,” he explains. “As an osteopath of 22 years and an acupuncturist of 10 years I offer a holistic approach to diagnosing, assessing and treating the body. In more recent years, I’ve been able to offer fresh approaches to the treatment of the bodies aches, pains and injuries that include massage and sports injury treatment, informed by modern research into body Kinetics (movement) relating to Kinetic chains, muscle sling systems, trigger points and the adoption of functional fitness modalities, that offer a more joined-up approach to exercise and wellbeing.”

The benefits of flexibility

Paul Gould Health Treatments has had its home at Kings Hill for the past five years: “I was in West Malling before, but as the business grew I wanted to access that growing community, not just those who live here, but those who work here too. And when it comes to directing people to the business, I only have to tell people to look out for the Silver Ball at the Kings Hill roundabout, as it’s such a clear landmark.

“My office and treatment room here serve as a really professional setting for my healthcare business, with easy parking for clients.  In terms of running the business, I have the flexibility to come and go as I please. I often see patients early before they start work and can finish very late if necessary, to accommodate London commuters. Plus, they are guaranteed a friendly greeting from reception staff – who offer a great service and a much needed emergency supply of coffee and chocolate too!”

A vision for the future

Paul particularly appreciates the fact that Capital Space accommodation can grow with his business as required: “There is ample room for expansion at Churchill Square. I moved from Building 70 to the new Building 80, which gives the air of professionalism in a relaxed setting. I intend to further promote the corporate branch of my business - Wellbeing in Work – which offers treatments to staff at companies in Kings Hill and beyond.

“I already treat a large number of local workers, having built up contacts with a good number of businesses. Most now see me at Churchill Square , although I do offer an office-based service for greater numbers of staff needing treatment in the workplace. I’m delighted the business has grown by word of mouth, and I’m confident we’ll still be relevant and ahead of the game in terms of what we’re offering clients in 20 years’ time.”

The secrets of Paul’s success

  • Loving learning: I stay on top of latest research and offer a wide range of treatment protocols to my clients, offering a tailor made treatment plan allowing them to benefit from what I learn.
  • Accessibility: Being available all hours and approachable.
  • Honesty: I won’t give unnecessary amounts of treatment – I’ll tell my clients exactly what it takes to stay fit and healthy
  • Collaboration: Empowering my clients to share in their recovery and maintain their health, through self-help advice and an exercise, stretching plan.

Being open – in all senses – can be a great asset when getting ahead in business. From offering flexible opening hours, to being open to new ideas.  And Paul Gould Health Treatments is embodying that openness.

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