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Volunteering and making a difference in business

Volunteering and making a difference in business
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Volunteering and making a difference in business
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Capital Business Centre in Croydon has been working hand in hand with local charity Croydon Vision to see if a difference can be made to the lives of our customers and their visitors who may have visual impairments. An assessment at our centre revealed the sort of steps we could take to create an even more accessible place of work.

Volunteering to create business growth

Croydon Vision  volunteers, Maxine Plowden, Anna Clements and Raymond Fosberry, recently visited the Croydon Business Centre to carry out a workplace assessment, observing the centre for any areas where accessibility could be lacking. This included touring the communal areas of the main building, inspecting meeting rooms, signage, lighting, reception, kitchen and toilet facilities, and the main stairwell. During the tour, the volunteers suggested improvements that could be made for customers and visitors living with challenging vision-related conditions. The tour also extended to external spaces, including the paving, outside signage, kerbs, car parks and pathways.

Moving forward

Registered charity Croydon Vision works with local companies to provide on-site assessments and advice on how businesses can improve accessibility. “Our aim is to promote inclusion for those with sight loss,” says the charity’s Executive Director, Susanette Mansour . “Those with visual impairment should be able to live independently and access services confidently. It is great when businesses such as Capital Space collaborate with us; making sure they provide a fit-for-purpose service in the community.”

“We believe in providing first-class business accommodation for all our customers and their visitors, but there are always new things we can learn to make it even more accessible to all. It was great to have expert input from Croydon Vision, which is our chosen charity this year, to give us pointers as to how we can finetune our offering to make it even better. We will be considering their recommendations very carefully,” commented Maria Malone , centre manager at Croydon Business Centre .

Given its simple, powerful mission, it’s no wonder Croydon Vision continues to make strides in improving accessibility within the local community – and helping us here at Capital Space to realise that vision, too.

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