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The right candidate for the job

The right candidate for the job
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The right candidate for the job
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

When recruiting for staff, any businessperson will tell you it’s not about picking the candidate who’s most impressive on paper – or even in person – it’s about choosing the individual who’s best suited to the vacancy that needs filling. One of our Chelmsford Waterhouse Business Centre clients has built a successful enterprise on helping education professionals rise to just that challenge.

A marriage of need and skillset

As their name suggests, Pertemps Education specialise in recruitment within the education sector, finding jobs for headteachers, teachers and teaching assistants, ‘matchmaking’ candidates to the ideal role. “Whatever the need, it’s our job to take the hassle away from our clients and candidates and to pair them up with the right education unit, the right school or the right classroom, so that they’re an ideal match, however exacting their requirements may be,” explains consultant Branden Ardestani.

To ensure every sector is represented by an expert in that field, each member of the Pertemps team will specialise in a specific area: “For instance, my manager concentrates on secondary education, my colleague concentrates on primary education, while I specialise in finding staff to work with students who have special educational needs.

If you’re a student with specific physical or mental needs, it’s the right support staff who can make or break the school experience – and that’s why finding the right people for that job is particularly rewarding: “I came to this role from a corporate sales background, but found it very competitive and quite cut-throat, so initially my plan was to go into teaching via an assistant role. I first encountered Pertemps Education as a candidate – so I’ve seen the business from all sides!  I ended up being offered a role as a recruitment consultant here, however, as my previous skills plus an obvious interest in education meant they thought I’d be well suited to this role – and they were right!”

Once he’d been offered a role, Branden was impressed by the in-house training: “We have another office in Birmingham and new starters are always invited to go up there for a few days, meet other people, get to know the business, the employees and have a bit of fun.”

Tight family ethos

Branden believes that another USP of Pertemps Education is its small, family feel: “There’s a tight ethos and – whether you’re a client, a candidate or an employee – you’re never just a number. We have a moral obligation, we all feel, to get the ‘fit’ right for our clients because we’re talking about working with children. We take great care to find out from our clients just what it is that they’re looking for and, from our candidates, what their ideologies are and what they want out of a job. Only then can we be confidant of getting the best match possible.”

The right location

Staff and clients seems to appreciate the Pertemps Education location on our Chelmsford Waterhouse Business Centre – right by a lovely park – and an attractive working environment: “We’re not surrounded by other offices, so you don’t get that sense of corporate intimidation you can feel with other outfits. Everyone is friendly here, with help from the centre staff if you need it, and I really like being able to chat to a wide range of people from different businesses.”

For Branden, at the end of the day it’s about combining a good team with a true sense of purpose at work: “My definition of being successful is finding someone who is in need of a job and not just putting them in any old role so we make money. It’s about offering a service, making connections and finding candidates roles where they can truly be of value. When that’s achieved, it’s a really great feeling.”

Whatever field you work in, finding the right candidate for the job can make all the difference to your working environment, your business success and – ultimately – your bottom line, so, when recruiting, always take time to determine what you actually need and what the candidate can truly offer.

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