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Capital Space promotes technology equipment recycling

Capital Space promotes technology equipment recycling
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Capital Space promotes technology equipment recycling
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

A recent open day, organised in conjunction with recycling service CPR, saw customers at our Kings Hill business centre finally rid themselves of unwanted cables, screens, phones and computer monitors. It’s all part of our drive – from energy to paper – to recycle and reuse whenever possible, and to encourage the businesses we support to do the same.

The ‘ditch-it’ dilemma when it comes to technology

It’s a dilemma we’ve all faced: where do those old computer leads belong? If I ditch my hard drive will I be at risk of seeing my personal security data breached? And what will happen to this stuff when I ditch it, anyway? These and other problems were neatly taken out of our customers’ hands on 20 November, when we held a computer recycling day at Churchill Square Business Centre . We’d told our customers in the month before that CPR Computer Recycling would collect unwanted IT equipment so it could be wiped of data, refurbished and resold – something that of course prevents unnecessary landfill. As an additional bonus, all profits go to UK charities.  

How the session worked

Doors opened in Suite 1, Building 10 on 20 November, with a steady stream of businesses coming in to drop off unwanted equipment, which included hard drives, PC screens, mobile phones, keyboards, printers and leads.

Business centre manager Sue Billings said: “We were thrilled with the response from our customers. Over 20 businesses dropped off equipment; the floor of our suite was completely covered with a huge array of items, from PCs to printers.”

Capital Space  also took advantage of the initiative to get rid of unwanted equipment.

Liz Gates , Office Manager, said: “We thought it was a timely opportunity to discard a variety of things which we no longer needed, which included some of our old PC monitors, a couple of desktops, a keyboard, a server and a phone. Otherwise, we would have had to pay for someone to take it away. This initiative has not only saved us money but equally importantly, it is also helping to save the environment and contribute to good causes.”

Capital Space managing director Peter Boam said: “We’ve always been committed to finding solutions that improve our environmental footprint – and that of our business accommodation customers. Our investment in green technology and supporting green initiatives is long established  – and this IT recycling scheme is something we wholeheartedly support and plan to extend to our other business centres in the new year.”

What happens to the stuff?

Tim White, who runs CPR Computer Recycling , said: “CPR offers a free and unique way of disposing of your unwanted IT equipment. This is because at CPR we don’t actually dispose of anything in the conventional term of ‘Recycling’.  Instead, every item is stripped down, repaired, upgraded then refurbished before being sold to users throughout the UK and Europe as what is essentially a new computer, laptop, monitor or other IT device. Even when we get equipment that is simply beyond repair, the parts are used to service our ever-growing need for spares.

“As a ‘non-profit’ organisation, CPR then donates profits from all retail sales to UK Charities, specifically at ‘coal-face’ level, thus ensuring that the charity gets 100 per cent of the money we donate each year.  Currently [2019 / 2020] this money is being donated to two Cancer Care Hospices, one for adults and one for children.”

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