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De-icing initiative keeps our business centre sites safe

De-icing initiative keeps our business centre sites safe
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De-icing initiative keeps our business centre sites safe
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Proactive winter maintenance specialists, De-Ice, has recently joined forces with us at Capital Space to ensure that the free parking spaces on our sites remain safe throughout the winter months – one less thing for our customers to worry about.

A master of one trade

De-ice  has been providing winter gritting services across the UK since 1989, making the company one of the longest-established national providers of winter maintenance services. De-ice is unique in being 100 per cent committed to providing only winter services, rather than moving between various maintenance jobs, making them true experts in their field.

Trialling service

From December 2019 until March 2020, we’re trialling De-ice’s service throughout Capital Space business centres. Specialist mechanical gritting machines will spread white marine de-icing salt across our car parks to ensure they’re slip-free and parking-safe for our customers and their visitors throughout the cold weather. We’re looking forward to seeing De-ice in action and are intrigued to see for ourselves features including bespoke, accurate Road Surface Temperature (RST) and site-condition forecasting, ensuring service is only delivered when there is a risk to the site. De-ice also provides overnight site attendance, allowing for maximum site coverage and safer service delivery.

A dedicated team

As well as De-ice’s winter safety benefits, the company also provides direct access to an operations helpline and an individual account manager, so communication at all times is a given.

“It’s a great benefit to know that the professional, trained and fully insured team are always a call away,” says Capital Space managing director, Peter Boam , “Their aftercare service with an appointed account manager shows their dedication to keeping our sites safe during the winter.”

The product itself

De-ice uses a white marine salt as standard. The 99 per cent, sodium-chloride-based salt ensures no residual product remains on-site. This means it’s a cleaner, faster-acting, more effective alternative to brown or pink salt. Working in temperatures as low as -10 degrees, the white marine salt dissolves and draws in moisture from the ground and raises the temperature of any precipitation, to prevent frost or ice forming. As a result, paths aren’t clogged or slippery, and roads and drainage systems are left with no residue, making the site not just safer but better to look at, too ore aesthetically pleasing as well as safe.

The winter months can be a challenging and unsafe time of year when travelling to work and leaving cars outside in icy conditions. At Capital Space, we’re delighted to have De-ice as an honorary addition to our team, keeping our sites safe and clean.

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