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Forces discipline leads to business growth

Forces discipline leads to business growth
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Forces discipline leads to business growth
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Most business owners dream of rapid growth, but how do you achieve that? For JBS London, military precision and organisation have enabled them to ensure the best service delivery for clients, meaning they’ve already outgrown their starter office since launching just two years ago.

Targeted service delivered with military precision

Wayne Bruce’s previous career in the Army has certainly stood him in good stead in his current role as MD of JBS London , the company he started when he left the forces. His discipline and military training are at the heart of the business, which delivers a wide range of services, from project management, installations and building-engineering to waste removal for offices and commercial buildings: “When it comes to working to meet the needs of our clients, military-style management might sound daunting, but it works. It’s about being extremely organised and focused, acting with honesty at all times and having excellent communications, with both our clients and our employees. “

Flexible office space to support business growth

Clearly, the JBS London approach is working: the company has grown rapidly in two years. “JBS London joined the Kings Hill Capital Space offices in December 2017, initially starting on the first floor. We then moved to a larger ground-floor office in November 2018,” says Wayne. “Capital Space has given us the flexibility to expand without fuss and without the hassle of having to relocate. The services provided here include everything from our own space, to shared kitchen facilities and the light-filled main reception area. Friendly and helpful staff, plus meeting rooms and free parking are all essential for our employees and mean the business is able to function well.”

Business accommodation with historic appeal

Of particular significance for Wayne are the origins of the Kings Hill site. “The airfield that had been here since World War One was taken over by the military in 1940, to become RAF West Malling , serving during the Second World War in the front line against the Luftwaffe . It’s brilliant to have this forces link, given my own background – plus the fact that we employ a number of ex-forces staff in the business. We feel that here at Kings Hill we’ve got the best of the past, the best of the present and a great future to look forward to, so it really is the perfect home for JBS London.”

Not all of us can manage military precision, but most businesses would benefit from it – and JBS London are proof that it’s an approach that can create the foundation for business success.

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