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Catering to local businesses for balanced growth

Catering to Milton Keynes businesses
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Catering to Milton Keynes businesses
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
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Finding the perfect space to set up a business can be a challenge, as Amy Alt from catering company Lucky Spoon has discovered – and finding a home for a viable professional kitchen can be an even more of a challenge. With the help of our Milton Keynes Business Centre, however, Amy has been able to make her dream of a viable catering business a reality.

About Lucky Spoon

Based in Capital Space’s Milton Keynes Business Centre Lucky Spoon is a corporate catering company delivering breakfast and lunches to businesses around Milton Keynes. The imaginative, upmarket food that owner Amy Alt offers is perfect for client-facing customers, many of whom want to cater for their senior management meetings. This is food that need to impress.

Beyond the traditional sandwich platters and wraps on Lucky Spoon ’s menu are a wealth of imaginative options for hot and cold buffets . These include sharing salads – from chicken Caesar to cauliflower, chickpea and pomegranate – to harissa lamb sausage rolls and Spanish tortilla. “It’s about offering an imaginative twist on the traditional, always using the freshest ingredients and ensuring our food looks every bit as good as it tastes. Whatever a customer’s requirements or tastes there really is something for everyone on our menu, “says Amy.

Leaving the corporate pathway

Amy launched Lucky Spoon in 2018 as a total change for her previous executive life, when she’d worked for oil giant, Shell, in London.

“It was a very corporate job and I was definitely on a corporate pathway. But I always wanted my own business,” she says, “I’d seen my stepdad build a successful business, so I knew something about the energy and hard work involved – I was quite realistic. I loved cooking and I had a food blog, so I decided to pursue my passion. I quit my well-paid job, moved in with my mum and set up my business. It’s been an amazing couple of years!”

Despite Lucky Spoon’s success, Amy has had some challenges along her business-building journey. “It’s about balancing the speed of growth so I can just sit back and relax from time to time,” she says. “With our product, it’s all about quality. A lot of our competitors offer food at lower prices than we do, but we don’t want to get too big too quickly and lose out on the high standard of presentation and taste that’s our USP.”

How Capital Space helped

A main asset of the Milton Keynes Business Centre is its central location, and Amy says that many Lucky Spoon customers live within a twenty-minute drive. The Centre afforded her a spacious blank canvas in which she could create her professional, fully equipped kitchen. ”It’s also a great place for potential customers to come and have advance tastings, especially for weddings and events. It’s a light, spacious, ultra-clean building that’s easily accessible to my clients – and they’ll get a warm welcome from the reception staff here, too.  

The location also works brilliantly for Amy herself. “Time is precious – we work hard from the morning right up until we pack up the van, so having a central work location close to my home and our customers is very valuable. Previously I worked from my mum’s home, which was a nightmare because you never stop working, it wasn’t my own space and I wasn’t in a purpose-built environment. This is a huge improvement! Plus of course one of the advantages of being in the business centre is that other business here can and do use us to provide their catering when they have corporate events or visitors who need to be stylishly, imaginatively fed.”

Future plans

In 2020, Amy is looking to take a step back from the hands-on, cooking nature of her role and becoming simply the client-facing boss. To achieve this, she aims to secure more clients from Milton Keynes at a sustainable rate, especially big businesses moving to the area and looking to get their catering requirements sorted.

Looking back and seeing how far she’s come, Amy reflects: “At first, I was going door to door leafleting about Lucky Spoon. I actually leafleted the Milton Keynes Business Centre and thought to myself ‘maybe one day I could have a kitchen here’ - six months later, I did!”

These days, Amy has a more streamlined professional sales strategy that involves prospecting through LinkedIn and other platforms, as well as offering trial lunches to businesses in the area that are looking for corporate caterers.

In her view, Lucky Spoon’s is dependent on sales numbers, not having any mis-deliveries and keeping issues with the food and its deliveries to a bare minimum. “You might not achieve perfection, but you should certainly always aim for it!” says Amy.

Amy Alt’s Lucky Spoon is a prime example of the success that can come from. With the facilities at Capital Space, taking the plunge into entrepreneurship is a real possibility.   

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