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Seeing the light

Making customers\' lives brighter
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Making customers\' lives brighter
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

From a safety point of view, we need task lighting 24/7. And ask anyone stuck in an office with no windows: good lighting is also essential to our health and well-being. Ideally, that light comes from natural sources but, increasingly, technology is providing highly effective alternatives, whether it’s for task lighting on roads or in hospitals so people can travel and work safely, or so individuals can pretend they’re experiencing a sunny day when, in fact, the weather is dark and gloomy. One of our Milton Keynes customers prides itself on being the company that can – and does - make lighting magic happen.

Iconic lighting

Brian Glynn, owner of EOS lighting , is passionate about the difference great lighting can make. 

He began his career in lighting 30 years ago with London and South Eastern Electricity Boards, where he was responsible for installing and maintaining street and exterior lighting. From there, he made the move into consultancy, designing the lighting on some of the UK's most iconic roads, including Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner and Park Lane in London. Brian has also worked on lighting projects with the emergency services, Williams F1, Shell, Costco, Sainsburys, Tesco and British Gas. “There’s always something new in lighting design and technology,” he enthuses. “That’s what makes it fascinating.” He established EOS in 2018, as a way of having greater agility in, and control over, his own working life.

“There’s a new movement called human-centric lighting,” Brian explains. “As its name suggests, people are at its heart. It’s about designing lighting projects using LED technology to make our environments healthier, more pleasant spaces to live and work in. And it’s a trend that’s influencing crucial sectors of the market, such as the lighting of industrial plants, offices, schools and hospitals - any lit environment, in fact. We’re big proponents of the trend here at EOS Lighting Solutions . Working as we do within the commercial sector, we offer every sort of service, from design lighting schemes for clients, to undertaking site visits to help them rethink their existing lighting schemes or to create new ones for them from scratch. We love showing our client how lighting controls can be used to create atmosphere and to cut their energy expenditure and their bills as necessary.”

Innovation plus great service

“Opening our customers’ eyes to the ways in which technology can give them control and lighting can make their lives brighter in every sense of the word is really exciting,” enthuses Brian. “Thanks to the Internet of things, it’s possible for us to give our customers access to their lighting controls simply and all within one place, so they can operate everything just from a tablet. It puts them in charge, but we pride ourselves on being on hand to help them whenever necessary.”

Recently, clients at the University of Brighton were in touch because they had a problem with lighting in their central atrium. “We responded very quickly and had sorted out their issue within a day. Technology may be great, but good customer relations – being on-hand to trouble shoot and talk them through any issues - are essential to the success of our business,” says Brian.

A change of venue

Brian moved EOS Lighting Solutions into the Greenway Business Centre , Harlow, in 2019. “I’d been based here in a previous incarnation and know it so well that working here feels like a home-from-home,” he says. “There is plenty of space for our team of four, it’s a central location with easy access to London, and the parking is excellent. Plus we pride ourselves on a flexible, agile approach to the service we offer our customers, and, in its rental terms, Capital Space provides that same flexibility for us, so we’re a good match.”

Being an advocate for the world you work in is vital. Brian Glynn’s passion for lighting helps open his client’s eyes to the differences it can make and the advantages its technology can bring.

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