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St George’s Business Park celebrates 20 great years in Sittingbourne

Peter Boam (left) congratulates longstanding St George's customer Alan Taylor
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Peter Boam (left) congratulates longstanding St George's customer Alan Taylor
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

When we opened our doors to customers in Sittingbourne 20 years ago, we were sure we were offering a new kind of accommodation for businesses: excellent facilities and great support, coupled with flexible terms. What we couldn’t be sure of, though, was that the business would grow from strength to strength and that, decades later, we’d be celebrating its 20th anniversary – along with customers who’ve been with us every step of the way.

The sweet taste of success

The 60 companies based at St George’s Business Park, Sittingbourne, celebrated Capital Space’s 20 years at the location with cones of sweets, delivered, says managing director Peter Boam, “As a small thank you for their support, in celebration of our 20th anniversary and so that we can all enjoy – literally and metaphorically – the sweet taste of success.“

A sense of community

Of course, part of what has ensured the longevity of the St George’s site is ongoing support and communication, between businesses and staff. Nick Johnson, owner of Papa Fresco, who has been on the site for over 15 years, said there were numerous benefits to being based at St George’s.
“Businesses interact with one another and help each other out and I have a captive audience. The staff are really friendly and supportive too. Plus, the location is really central too.”

Gary Millington, owner of Gary Millington Double Glazing, has had a workshop on the site for 19 years.

“I came here because I liked the flexibility of being able to give a month’s notice if you had to and I like the fact I am not tied into a long-term contract. It also gives you credibility having a location here compared to running your own business from home.”

Alan Taylor, of AT Blinds, who was one of the first customers on the site, was presented with a bottle of champagne by Peter.

The company founder recalls: “Someone I knew said they were building new units here and that they would be right for us so I thought I would come and take a look.

“I liked the monthly licence fee in case something went wrong with the business and being here has worked out well for us. It’s handy, there’s lots of services here, and if we have any problems, they are always helpful at reception.”

It’s not just long-standing customers who have benefitted from being located at St George’s.

Justin Smith, director and co-founder of Henderson FM Ltd, a facilities management company, moved into one of the units last year and said his business has flourished as a result.

“It’s gone from strength to strength since moving here. Before, myself and my two other co-founders worked at home. Now, we are much more responsive because we are working together in the same room and we have had new business.”

Gary, who has been able to build his business and survive recessions over the last 2 decades, thanks to word-of-mouth referrals and minimum advertising, attributed his success to slow, steady growth.

“My tips to other start-ups is don’t get too big too quickly – it can backfire.” Sometimes, small is beautiful!

The secret of its longevity

Peter Boam, Capital Space’s managing director, attributes the longevity of St George’s to the right combination of teamwork coupled with an awareness of customers’ needs. “As a group, Capital Space has gone from its first business centre in Colchester to having nine around the south east today. Despite our exponential growth, we’ve never lost sight of our customers and their needs – they are at the heart of everything we do. “

Community spirit, great support and flexible, convenient accommodation have combined to ensure St George’s Business Park’s success. There’s plenty to celebrate here - past present and future.

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