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Making the move from virtual to physical office space

Moving to physical offices in Milton Keynes
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Moving to physical offices in Milton Keynes
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Originally based in company director Steven Knowles’ bedroom, ASA Medical Solutions has certainly come a long way in its three-and-a-half years. Steven and company co-director Matt James are doing important work recruiting nurses and doctors to NHS Wales – and they’ve certainly enjoyed rapid growth. Their success has now manifested itself in physical change: a move from being Capital Space virtual customers to working in an office in our Milton Keynes Business Centre.

Medical solutions for services in need

ASA Medical Solutions launched in mid-2016, as a recruiter for nurses and doctors to NHS services. Steven Knowles has been in the medical industry for 16 years, having worked for various companies in Milton Keynes. He met his now co-director Matt James while they were working together at a different recruitment company.  

Steven says: “Having determined that we could work well together, we thought we could do it better – so we took a leap of faith and started our own business. It’s been going from strength to strength since.”

Their hard work has certainly paid off, as ASA Medical Solutions made the move to physical offices in their first year of business.

Adapting from virtual to physical

Having previously worked from home but made use of Milton Keynes Business Centre ’s Virtual Office facilities, Steven and Matt made the decision to upscale to physical office space in the centre last year. Steven praises Capital Space ’s reasonable office costs and flexible contracts for assisting his decision to move.

“We started in my house to keep costs low; office costs can be expensive and tie you in for a year or so. In our first year we got a contract for NHS Wales, so we needed some offices quickly,” says Steven.  

Matt adds: “But offices can tie you in to a two-year or three-year lease, which isn’t what we wanted. So, when we found out about Capital Space ’s flexible terms, it was an easy decision to go with the company.”

ASA Medical Solutions  has built up a successful team and relocated to a larger unit in 2019 to accommodate its staff. It’s certainly a step on from the days when ASA only relied on our Milton Keynes virtual services. Says Matt, “When we started, we just had the business registered at the Milton Keynes Business Centre address and would occasionally use the meeting rooms. Now, as in-house customers, we use the mailing, shredding and cleaning services on a daily basis.”

Matt also finds our business support services valuable for holding additional meetings on an ad-hoc basis. “Without that space we wouldn’t be here – we need the additional room for clinical interviews and the like, and now we’ve got it.”

Steven agrees, pointing out that otherwise they would have to rent a bigger office and section off an area of it for meetings, potentially costing them up to three times what they currently pay at Capital Space

Handling rapid business growth

One of the directors’ proudest achievements at ASA Medical Solutions is securing a contract with NHS Wales. Steven puts their success down to hard work and knowing the industry, commenting, “I’ve been in the industry for 15 years, so I feel that it’s the person who truly understands the business who will ultimately convince the client. I sit down, talk to them and get the contracts because I know the people and the industry. We’ve taken a gamble moving to a bigger office, but we always anticipate being able to secure the next contract – our attitude is very positive.”

Steven is glad that Capital Space offer monthly contracts. If ASA Medical Solutions doesn’t expand as quickly as expected, all that’s required is a month’s notice, and the business can then downscale to a smaller unit.

Has Brexit had an impact?

In the UK health sector, which draws so many of its staff from other countries, Brexit is bound to have an impact on medical recruitment companies such as ASA. Comments Steven, “A lot of our employees come from countries such as the Philippines, Nigeria and South Africa. To work in this country, they have to have permits.”

Matt adds, “It’s always been the case that we recruit people from overseas for some jobs, some of which British people don’t want to do or aren’t qualified for. Brexit may mean there are less people coming from abroad to work.”

Steven and Matt realise they may need to concentrate on sourcing employees locally more than they’ve had to do in the past. While this may be challenging it could benefit local economies.

Solutions for success

The directors of ASA Medical Solutions know what it takes to be successful. Their advice to keep overheads to a minimum – they acknowledge the flexibility of Capital Space contracts has been a key factor in keeping them afloat in leaner times. They also advise spending plenty of time on constructing a business plan and thinking carefully about target customers.

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