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From redundancy to opportunity

A rose gold chrome wrap by Prestige Automotive based in Sittingbourne
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A rose gold chrome wrap by Prestige Automotive based in Sittingbourne
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Go-getter Jamie Broughton didn’t let losing his job bring him down for long.  Instead, he used it as an opportunity to make the most of his network of contacts and start up on his own. Seven years later, his nine-person-strong business is thriving and undertaking projects as far afield as the US.

From apprentice to business owner

Aged just 19, Jamie Broughton had begun his career as an apprentice vinyl installer. “I worked on everything from installing logos printed onto vinyl onto shop walls to adding ‘wraps’ – essentially logos and adverts, again printed onto vinyl or plastic – onto cars. When I was made redundant a couple of years later, rather than applying to work at a similar company, I thought, “OK – I’ll take my skills to my contacts and see if there’s a market for them.” The result was his own, now highly successful, business: Prestige Graphic Installations .

Building a business on a skill set

Jamie had built up a portfolio of skills during his apprenticeship and wasn’t afraid to teach himself other competencies, once he had set up on his own, back in 2012. “Put it down to youthful energy and enthusiasm, but I was willing to give everything a go, and I had confidence in my abilities. I’m not a designer, for instance, and have never claimed to be. But when it came to creating logos, I knew how to use the necessary machinery, so I’d handle simple designs for clients myself.

“Of course, things moved on and these days I’ve teamed up with one of my old colleagues, designer Daron Hockney of Spyder Creative , and he handles our design work. He’s based here in St George’s Business Park , too, which is very handy. In fact, it was Daron who recommended St George’s to me in the first place.”

Demand for creative marketing

Jamie’s business today consists of three wings: Prestige Signage Prestige Interiors and Prestige Automotive . “It’s a very varied portfolio, which sees us handling everything from creating and adding vinyl signage for shop windows and exteriors to corporate wall art to wrapping vehicles with specific branding.

“We have one client who’s required us to wrap his fleet vehicles – of which there are over three hundred – on a gradual basis. Then there was a primary school that wanted its bus revamped, so we came up with a colourful butterfly design for its wraps and installed them. One of our best jobs, though, must have been when we were flown to New York to wrap a couple of racing BMWs. It’s interesting, creative work - and it’s certainly taken us places!”

Flexible office space and parking are key

Having brought his company to St George’s Business Park on the strength of a recommendation from Spyder Creative , Jamie says he’s seen the benefit of Capital Space ’s flexible business accommodation approach. “What’s worked brilliantly for us is that I’ve been able to take out more space here as the business has grown,” he says.  

Moreover, with so much of the company’s work vehicle-centred, Jamie knew he needed somewhere that afforded plenty of parking. “The free parking, added to the office space we have and the flexible terms, makes this the ideal home for our business,” he says. “Plus I know I can count on the reception staff here always to give any of my visitors a warm, professional welcome.”

For Jamie Broughton and Prestige Graphic Installations, the opportunities for business growth are as limitless as the vehicle wraps and signage designs his company installs. Plus, he knows that, in the St George’s Business Park, Prestige Graphic Installations has a base that can expand to accommodate the needs of both the company and its clients.

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