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Keeping our business centres maintained during lockdown

Keeping our business centres maintained during lockdown
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Keeping our business centres maintained during lockdown
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The coronavirus lockdown has changed how businesses work, meaning many of our customers have moved to working from home. As Capital Space centres still require maintenance, our teams have been working hard across all nine of our business centres to make sure they are still in excellent condition, inside and out, for our customers who are still working on site and for the return of all our customers as the lockdown measures are lifted. But what’s it like working in an unusually quiet business centre and with social distancing measures in place? 

Keeping our business centre in top shape

Tomco Landscapes has provided grounds maintenance for Capital Space’s Waterhouse Business Centre in Chelmsford since September 2018, focusing on tree and hedge maintenance, weed control, strimming and seasonal bedding schemes.  Company owner, Tom Brooks, has years of experience in maintaining properties, and has worked hard to continue business as usual whilst operating through the coronavirus lockdown.

As many Capital Space customers and the centre management team became accustomed to working from home, the Waterhouse Business Centre definitely has a changed atmosphere. But this hasn’t phased the groundskeeping team; as Tom comments, “It’s been a lot easier to carry on with the work, as it’s much quieter on site. We can access certain areas of the site a lot easier than under normal conditions.”

Facing challenges throughout the lockdown

The team has also managed to keep up the regular routine of carrying out two site visits per month to the Chelmsford business centre, but social distancing rules has mean rethinking how they work. “Our teams abide by social distancing rules set out by the government, so are lone working at the site,” says Tom. “This can limit how productive we are, as we can rarely double up on a job to get it finished faster.”

Another challenge faced by Tom is sourcing materials, as some supplies have become limited, as well as taking on more admin duties to ease the pressure. He sees the silver lining, though, commenting, “Whilst I haven’t been on site, carrying out more admin tasks has helped me tackle our paperwork and get more completed than usual.”

Thinking forward to easing of lockdown restrictions

Tom is setting goals for the end of lockdown, saying, “It will be good to get back to some sort of normality. It does make a difference when we can double up on teams, so I look forward to being able to make our work on the site as productive as possible.

“Capital Space have continued their grounds maintenance scheme to keep the site in order, so we still have the work to keep us busy – but I do look forward to having the team working together again.”

Tomco Landscapes demonstrates how even companies that are still able to go to work, rather than working remotely, have still had to alter their operations, with simple things like working as a team being a luxury to look forward to when social distancing measures are eased. But by working hard and abiding by government guidelines in these unprecedented times, Tomco Landscapes and our other maintenance teams have kept our nine business accommodation centres in great working order and looking their best – ready for all our customers to enjoy as soon as it becomes possible once again.

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