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What will a post-lockdown office look like?

What will a post-coronavirus lockdown office look like?
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What will a post-coronavirus lockdown office look like?
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The initial easing of lockdown means many business owners are now planning for a return to office work – but what is that likely to look like after weeks, and even months of remote working? Most experts predict that we won’t be returning to business exactly as it was. We’ve been anticipating the changes and trends that may occur when some of us move back into our previous working environments in the new landscape, and what this may mean for your business.  

Shifting away from heavy central London offices

For many, the coronavirus lockdown may have been a wakeup call as their working day drastically changed from lots of commuting to staying at home. Having previously spent hours every day on a busy commute to a busy London office, transitioning to no commute at all and a secluded office may have been a welcome change. This poses the question: will we see a shift away from busy London offices?

It may be that smaller, cheaper satellite offices could become the more preferred working environment, bringing welcome benefits including less commuting and more flexible working practices. Our nine centre locations are sited in a number of smaller towns that provide a pleasant change in environment for the busy London commuter, whilst offering easy transport links to the capital and the rest of the country.

Combining working from home and office

Prior to lockdown, many bosses may have been fearful that staff would use homeworking as an excuse to slack. But the dedication of most has generally dispelled this concern. This may surprise some, but the evidence has been there for a while that a flexible working, including some home working, can benefit both businesses and their employees.

A survey by This is Money found that 54% of employees who work flexibly cite the benefit of not having to live in a major city for work, and 7 in 10 surveyed said that they were less stressed as a result of their home-based working arrangement.

This healthy balance between home and social life may be the new way of working for many, as spending time with your household becomes easier and office burnout is decreased. In fact, remote workers have been found to be more productive than they were when office based, completing over a day’s extra work on average per month. 

Reducing travel for meetings

Most of us previously gave little thought to jumping in the car or hopping on a train or plane – an attitude that has been uprooted by lockdown. The current restrictions mean we’ve all had to consider whether travelling is essential before making trips. This may translate to reduced business travel in the future, as we have all become much more accustomed to virtual meetings over Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Previously, such platforms were considered a poor second to face-to-face meetings, but predictions by several key players in the airline industry that air travel won’t return to 2019 levels for several years are testimony that many think that our attitudes to how we conduct business meetings – and whether travel is justified – have been reshaped for good.

But if we’re moving at least some of our meetings online permanently, excellent connectivity is going to be an absolute essential. We’ve all been tolerant of glitchy connections while people have had to make do and mend during the current restrictions, but what’s acceptable during a global crisis may not provide an adequate professional image as the economy begins to revive.

If a slow domestic internet connection is holding you back from having professional, convenient client and team video meetings from home, the solution could be virtual office services, giving you the benefits of home working with professional connectivity when it matters. Capital Space virtual office services could be an ideal post-lockdown solution to enable you to enjoy the best of some of our new ways of working, without frozen screens and dalek audio quality.

It’s unlikely that all business will return to exactly the same working practises as before the coronavirus lockdown. Combining the best of our new work solutions with the benefits offered by more conventional ways, you could boost staff morale, productivity and engagement – it could be a win-win-win for your staff, your own work-life balance and your business!

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