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How we are making our business centres COVID-19 secure

How we are making our business centres COVID-19 secure
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How we are making our business centres COVID-19 secure
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

As lockdown measures are starting to ease and people are beginning to return to work where possible, concerns over safety and providing a hygienic environment for our customers are of the utmost importance. Across our nine business centres for SMEs, we have spent £15,000 introducing new equipment and procedures following best-practise guidelines to help protect our customers as they return to work.

Minimising the risk of Covid-19 will mean rethinking how we do the everyday. We’ve consulted government advice on making offices and workplaces safer and information from bodies such as Public Health England to introduce new measures across our business accommodation centres across the South East to maintain social distancing, reduce points of contact where possible and to provide for regular sanitising where contact is inevitable.

Introducing new safety equipment

Where we sit, how we move around buildings and how we use equipment are all things we have to readdress to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. Among the changes we have implemented to make our business centres safer for our customers and our staff are:

  • Installed sanitising stations in our centres
  • Introduced sensory devices to replace push buttons on entry and exit doors
  • Introduced signage on social distancing measures in reception and communal areas
  • Fitted additional electronic hold-open devices on corridor doors to reduce touch points
  • Invested in anti-bacterial door handle covers for communal door handles where hold-open devices are not appropriate
  • Installed anti-bacterial push plates for communal doors where hold-open devices are not appropriate
  • Added plastic screens to all reception desks

Business centre procedure changes

We have also adapted our procedures and operations to help to ensure maximum safety. These measures include:

  • Franking and photocopying will now be done for customers by centre staff (customers will no longer be able to do this themselves) in some centres
  • Adapting procedures for contractors
  • Additional cleaning
  • Only one person will be permitted to use lifts at a time; the preference will be for people to use the stairs if they can
  • First-floor customers will be asked to operate a one-way system to their offices, going to them via the front door and stairs, but leaving using rear fire exits to reduce people crossing in the corridor, on the stairs and at the entrance.

We are mindful that, in some centres, customers may struggle to create enough “social distance” within their dedicated workspace. Large meeting rooms will be used as overflow offices, with separated desks and Wi-Fi access. This will be available during normal working hours free of charge for customers and their staff, meaning they can enjoy the benefits of working on site, near to one another, without having to work on top of one another.  

How you can help us be as safe as possible

Social distancing: We are asking customers to help us protect everyone using our business centres by observing new social distancing measures:

  • Kitchens : We are implementing a rule of only one person in kitchens at a time and there will be instructions on cleaning before and after use. Bin lids will be removed to reduce touch points.
  • Toilets : We will be implementing a rule of only one person in toilet blocks at a time; this will be managed by new locks on the entrance doors.
  • Tricky spots : Some areas will be more difficult as the buildings were not designed for two-metre distances. We will be reliant on our customers taking a sensible approach to remain as safe as possible.
  • External doors : If you’ve got them – use them. This also applies where customers have more than one unit in the same building and can access via the external doors, not through the central corridors, to reduce contact with those that need to access the toilets and kitchen.

Taking responsibility: Customers are urged to ensure your own office, studio or workshop is suitable for staff and visitors and to discuss with them any additional procedures to help reduce risk. This may include alterations to the layout to maintain social distancing, staggered working hours, cleaning practices and relevant risk assessments.

Make use of our outside spaces: In some centres, we are encouraging our customers to look to use our external green spaces, weather permitting, to hold socially distanced meetings when you don’t need WiFi.  Some of our centres have bought additional outside furniture to help this.

At Capital Space, it is our primary concern to provide a safe environment that creates confidence for everyone who accesses our business centres. The above measures are not exhaustive by any means. But by following our new measures and thinking actively about the safest possible ways to operate, we hope our customers, staff, contractors and suppliers take comfort in our commitment to keep our centres safe, Covid-19 secure environments.

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