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Thriving through delivery and collection during lockdown

Thriving through delivery and collection during lockdown
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Thriving through delivery and collection during lockdown
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Many business owners have had to adapt their business offering as social distancing guidelines have changed how we live and work for the foreseeable future. Our Loughton customer Eat In House Café, based in our Loughton Seedbed Centre has moved its services completely online to accommodate lockdown regulations.

Moving into lockdown

Having managed the Eat In House Café for two years, owner, Mehmet Huysal, found operating during the coronavirus pandemic challenging at first. “Before there were any strict guidelines, I found it hard to carry on working and be in close contact with customers,” he says. “We were also struggling as many people began stocking up in the supermarkets, so weren’t ordering food from us as often.”

This soon changed, though, as lockdown regulations became clearer and Mehmet began to adapt his operations.

Thriving through new business platforms

When Mehmet first began to manage Eat In House Café he ensured that the business was displayed on the takeaway service website JustEat , listing their tasty breakfast bundles and burgers. This proved a far-sighted strategy when, as lockdown was enforced, customers started ordering en masse.

Mehmet has been able to grow his customer base even further through offering deals through JustEat and his website, both of which are optimised for viewing on phones, making them even more accessible. “We started to get so busy that I had to hire another chef,” he comments.

Challenges as a business owner in lockdown

With the unpredictability of the lockdown and changing regulations, Mehmet found carrying on challenging at first, explaining, “So much uncertainty can be quite upsetting, especially when I started to think that things might be different for a long time.”

He also found the prospect of continuing business during lockdown stressful financially. However, his business was eligible for a government grant and was automatically entered into this by the council, promptly receiving funding to continue serving delicious lunches to locals.

Thinking of the future of the business

Thinking towards the end of lockdown, restaurants and offices have had to be restructured with social distancing measures in mind. When it comes to the Eat In House Café, Mehmet is grateful for his considerably smaller venue, saying, “We have a very small shop so it’s not a huge issue adapting seating to accommodate distancing – we will simply be limiting our space to two customers inside at a time.”

He also has been working hard to ensure his café is as safe and clean as possible for customers and staff, increasing the level of cleaning that takes place as well as keeping antibacterial supplies for customer use when they come to click and collect.

From his success through the website and JustEat listing, it’s clear that Mehmet has reaped the benefits of an online business presence: “The only way forward is to be online,” he comments. “It’s very clear that owning a business in the food industry will never be the same – so much of it can be offered online now and continue successfully.”

By adapting his business strategy and thinking up logical, accessible offerings, our Loughton customer has certainly made the best of a challenging situation. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, the Eat In House Café is positioned to tackle oncoming challenges with its efficient online offering – and popular burgers!

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