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Live stream studio at the Milton Keynes Business Centre

Live stream studio at the Milton Keynes Business Centre
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Live stream studio at the Milton Keynes Business Centre
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

How do you keep in touch with staff when they’re all working remotely and coronavirus restrictions have put a hold on large-scale events? It’s a challenge that business owners have had to rise to across the country. Customers at Capital Space’s Milton Keynes Business Centre have had an extra resource at their fingertips, in the form of a bespoke livestreaming studio, quickly converted from a workshop by customers White Event Production . It’s a great example of an agile response to find a solution to a previously unforeseen challenge that has strengthened the event production company’s offering while benefitting their business centre neighbours.

Rethinking income streams when the world changes overnight

Established nine years ago, White Event Production normally create and produce fully serviced, experiential internal communications events – such as employee conferences, award ceremonies, roadshows and AGMs – supporting their clients either as partners or as an extension of their team.

Whilst live streaming events was something they were equipped and experienced in doing before coronavirus, the COVID-19 restrictions put a concrete stop to face-to-face events, making live streaming the main source of income for White Event Production for the foreseeable future.  Live streaming enables companies to broadcast virtually to their customers, followers or staff, holding an online event that prior to coronavirus might have happened in person. If you’re thinking ‘Oh – a Zoom call’, think again; White Event Production’s online events enable audience interactivity, video analytics and custom-built viewing platforms.

Business adaptation during the global pandemic

To remain relevant within the changing world, company director, Ben Carter, created a sub-brand within the company, event-streaming , dedicated to adapting within the current circumstances and producing purely virtual events. Despite always offering this service, Ben recognised the need to develop a separate website, exclusively targeted at keeping up with demand for virtual events during coronavirus restrictions.

“We are not new to this. We all have skill sets that overlap and we can output a lot and be very dynamic; this is shown by the past months as we have adapted and diversified, harnessing skills that we have always had, despite being such a small team,” explained Ben.

Creating a COVID-secure studio

Although live streaming is not new to White Event Production, prior to COVID-19, much of their live streaming events were done on location, at events or within their customer’s premises, meaning that they had to adapt by creating a COVID-secure streaming studio. Fortunately, the company holds a second workshop within the Milton Keynes Business Centre, opposite their main one, predominantly using it for preparation and extra storage. The company has diversified, turning this space into a bespoke studio, installing lighting, sound and all the necessary equipment. Assisted by the IT department at Capital Space, their primary workshop is now linked to the studio, allowing the control room to manage the live events whilst maintaining social distancing.

The company is now successfully carrying out live virtual events. “Anything that we do normally in a physical event, we could probably do it online”, explained Ben. “There is still a demand to communicate and we have looked to evolve and diversify to be able to fulfil client’s requirements but in a slightly different way. In fact, people are more open to being filmed than before when everything had to be in an office environment. Now, the normality of software, such as Zoom, has normalised communicating from home.”

But Ben does see the events world returning: “I think there will be an increase in live streaming, but I think there will be a strong need to go back to physical events. Coronavirus will probably change the landscape, but not beyond recognition.”

Lessons learnt under difficult circumstances

The pandemic has taught most business owners lessons, and Ben is no different. “This has been a real eye opener to me; communication was key to keeping moral up and in keeping people up to speed. People can still be productive from home and our employees are used to working remotely, but what you do miss is the bouncing of ideas off each other and the updates on what is going on – there is a quick change in pace sometimes. Being strict and scheduling daily calls and trying to be mindful of people’s mental wellbeing is crucial; it can be tough alone and working the whole time.”

Before the studio was installed at the Milton Keynes Business centre, the workload decreased for the company dramatically: “The staff might have felt guilty about being fixed at desks when we didn’t have that much work so I reduced everyone to a three-day working week and adapted to the world as it changed, being mindful of people’s anxieties during this time”.

White Event Production – and sub-brand event-streaming – is one of our customers who have successfully diversified and re-evaluated their business model to remain current given the ever-changing landscape. Their bespoke studio also brings exciting opportunities and technology to the business centre.

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