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The benefits of office working for your team

The benefits of office working for your team
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The benefits of office working for your team
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Necessity is the mother of invention – and the necessity of the coronavirus crisis meant we all adapted to working from home virtually overnight. But as the restrictions ease, returning to the office – albeit socially distanced – will help you facilitate a more cohesive, productive team. But don’t just take our word for it – there’s research to support it.

The ‘enabling conditions’ of office-based working

When looking at the benefits of office working, who better to learn from than a pioneer in the field of organisational behaviour, J. Richard Hackman .

He began studying teams in the 1970s and spent forty years coming to an important conclusion: teams need ‘enabling conditions’ to thrive. These include:

  • Compelling direction
  • Strong structure
  • Supportive context.

The key condition to note here is ‘supportive context’, as it is especially applicable when thinking about returning to an office-based environment. Hackman uses the following example:

“Consider the experience of Jim, the leader of a new product-development team based at General Mills focusing on consumer goods for the Mexican market. Jim was based in the United States, whilst other members of his team were based in Mexico. The team struggled to meet deadlines, causing friction in the team. But when Jim visited his team in Mexico, he realized how poor their IT was and how strained their operations were compared with the headquarters. That visit turned Jim’s frustration to admiration for how much his colleagues accomplished with so little.”

This is a parallel to the differences we’ve experienced during remote working – it is common for messages to get lost in translation when we’re all working under different conditions and settings. If a team is centralised in one location – one enabler of a ‘supportive context’ – these miscommunications are lessened, promoting a more productive and understanding workplace.

How our office space benefits your team

We’ve established that office-based working can provide untold benefits for your team – so, where can you base your company, and what is the best setting for you to unleash your productivity? Our nine satellite locations provide the perfect foundation for you to build up and support your team, with a few extra useful facilities , including:  

  • Flexible workspace: Move to a smaller or bigger office , studio or workshop with only one month’s notice .
  • Satellite locations: Nine affordable sites in less densely populated Home Counties town like Colchester and Sittingbourne .
  • Shorter commutes: Quick, less stressful commutes for your staff who live outside London
  • Staff wellbeing: Large green spaces to unwind during breaks
  • COVID-19 secure: Social distancing and hygiene measures in place throughout
  • Simple monthly licence: No long, complicated leases; just a simple license that carries the Crystal award for plain English.

These convenient, enabling settings are designed to provide your business with a welcoming, efficient and comfortable environment to reunite and build up your team.

We all deserve a pat on the back for how well we adapted to working from home. But as the coronavirus restrictions ease, you are probably looking for the right environment to bring your team back together, while addressing any fears they have about returning to work. Our Covid-19 policies and procedures – along with our Home Counties locations and excellent facilities – could tick your boxes, as well as those of your staff.

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