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How coronavirus shaped the importance of online connectivity

How coronavirus shaped the importance of online connectivity
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How coronavirus shaped the importance of online connectivity
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The coronavirus crisis showed, more than ever, how important a fast, stable internet connection is, as we all got to grips with video conferencing tools and virtual communication. While many businesses are returning to their offices, virtual communication is a lockdown feature that is likely to stay with us – making a reliable internet connection top of your must-haves when getting settled back into your workspace.

The new ways of working

For many, working from home during lockdown has helped in navigating a work-life balance and has allowed us to reconsider how much time we’d like to be spending at home in future, with our new virtual skills making it possible. This has created some new ways of working that may be carried forward, namely:

  • Occasional homeworking: Now that software such as Zoom Microsoft Teams and more stable company intranets have become a remote worker’s best friend, homeworking is definitely more favourable to some, even boosting productivity in some cases. One study from China showed a productivity increase of 13% with a blended work/home schedule, as less time is taken for breaks and sick days. With a more ‘blended’ approach to working anticipated as companies migrate back to their offices – with some days in the office and some at home – a stable internet connection is essential to keep that productivity soaring.
  • Conference calls: Despite being at home, it’s likely you’ve seen the faces of your co-workers, clients and suppliers a great deal throughout lockdown over video conference. We may have believed before that it was essential to press the flesh, but the success with which we have adapted to virtual relationships is again something that many companies will want to leverage – saving time and money in qualifying leads and having productive team meetings that stay on track. Again, a reliable internet connection is essential if you don’t want to freeze at a crucial moment during a video call with your hot prospect.

Investing in IT and broadband

At Capital Space, we’re mindful of the drastic changes that are to follow as some companies think about the transition back to the workplace. That’s why we’ve refined our broadband and IT services to bring you the quality that your business needs. Our offering includes:

  • Inclusive internet access: Our simple, monthly license fee includes our internet fees, which incorporate high-speed internet access with a full failover (a second connection in case the primary internet connection fails), ensuring a reliable connection is always available. There are no fees for connection or disconnection and no limit to the amount of data you can transmit or receive.
  • High-quality, reliable and resilient products
  • Autonomous solutions: Our workspaces are equipped with a Cat5e structured cabling scheme, which can be used for the telephones as well as PCs and printers, giving you total autonomy and security over the equipment and services you use.
  • Add on services:
  • An external IP address: This can be added to your monthly licence for £ 50 per address
  • Fixed bandwidth: This creates a VPN exclusively for your use and can be tailored to your specific requirements. There is no set-up fee, no disconnection fee and no long-term contract.

Fair use policy applies with these services.

As you think about positioning your business efficiency in our reshaped work landscape, prioritising a stable connection and reliable IT services is one of the best steps you can take. With our inclusive, simple and effective services, you’ll have peace of mind that battling with poor internet service is one of the challenges you won’t need to face.

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