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Socially distanced meeting rooms at Capital Space

Socially distanced meeting rooms at Capital Space
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Socially distanced meeting rooms at Capital Space
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The coronavirus crisis made us all abandon meetings and conferences. It’s worked as an emergency response, but nothing can beat a face-to-face meeting to improve team spirit, morale and productivity. If your company and staff are in need of an in-person meet-up, then our meeting rooms might provide the perfect solution; our larger rooms can be used for a smaller number of people, ensuring that you and your staff can maintain social distancing.

The benefit of face-to-face meetings

In all likelihood, your company has been relying on platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to maintain contact during the pandemic; while you are probably grateful that the pandemic took place in an era with such developed technology, there is no replacing physical meetings. Face-to-face meetings have the advantages of:

  • Not relying upon often unpredictable technology: We have all been there: right in the middle of an important discussion and your WiFi decides it’s a good time to cut out. Meeting in person avoids this hazard.
  • Body language: It is much easier to read your employees’ body language in person.
  • Fewer distractions: Let’s face it, we are all faced with distractions when we are in online meetings, whether it’s the kids playing noisily next door, the tumble dryer whizzing in the background or passers-by on the street, we are all prone to being distracted at home.
  • Building better relationships: Video conferencing is likely to remain as a business norm for initial, qualifying meetings, but when you want to do business with someone, nothing beats getting to meet them in person. Your clients and prospective clients will know that you went to extra effort to accommodate them and this will reflect in their view of your company.
  • Boosting company morale: Some of your employees might be feeling disconnected from your company and isolated after working from home now for five months. Meeting face-to-face can help bring your team back together, rebuilding strong foundations to underpin their relationships, even if these continue to be conducted mostly online.

How to conduct a COVID-secure meeting

There are obvious things to consider when planning a meeting during the current climate, such as:

  • maintaining a safe social distance
  • encouraging employees to wash their hands regularly
  • ensuring that any vulnerable staff do not attend, but still feel included.

At Capital Space, we are taking extra precautions to ensure that all of our centres are COVID-secure :

  • New safety equipment: We have spent £15,000 investing in the latest infrastructure to make our offices as safe as possible to return to including sanitising stations, sensory devices to replace push buttons and handle covers. This equipment will be available to you should you hire out one of our meeting rooms.
  • New procedures: We have changed the way our offices operate to make them safer for customers to return to work and meetings to take place, with our staff fully trained to ensure the new infection control practices are followed.
  • Information for business centre users. We have informed all our customers of our new protocols to ensure that they are abiding by social distancing and to help keep the centres safe for everyone.

Business Centre Meeting Rooms

If your company is keen to plan that long-overdue catch up with staff or clients we have meeting rooms available within six of our business accommodation centres across the South East of England, all equipped with larger meeting rooms to host such events whilst still maintaining safe distances between individuals.

In regular times, Capital Space hosts hundreds of successful meetings, conferences, interviews and training events each year and we are keen to enable companies to continue these vital functions, albeit with a slightly different layout.

Meeting room facilities

If you host a meeting at one of our centres, you will enjoy the facilities that include:

  • Free audio and visual equipment (at selected centres): This includes PC projectors and projector screens
  • Free high-speed wireless internet
  • Free visitors’ car parking
  • Well ventilated rooms
  • Meet-and-greeting of customers or staff by our centre support teams at a safe distance

Waterhouse Business Centre meeting room promotion

We have a special promotion on at our Waterhouse Business Centre in Chelmsford and at Capital Business Centre, Croydon for anyone who books one of our large meeting rooms, with a maximum capacity of 10 people under current social distancing guidelines. We will provide complementary hot drinks for your guests. This deal is available for external and existing customers and will run until the end of August.

Face-to-face meetings play a vital role in boosting morale, team spirit and productivity. If you feel as though your business would benefit from a physical meeting with either your staff or clients, then please contact your local business centre manager.

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