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Car park expansion at the Milton Keynes Business Centre

Car park expansion at the Milton Keynes Business Centre
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Car park expansion at the Milton Keynes Business Centre
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We are happy to announce that the car park at the Milton Keynes Business has been expanded to provide additional car parking spaces for our customers and their clients. The Milton Keynes team are also pursuing their eco-friendly mission, by recycling old pallets to create outdoor furniture.

If you’ve ever had to work in an office without a car park, or with inadequate car parking, you’ll know what a pain it is, with staff dashing out throughout the day to move their cars, or grumbling about the cost of car parking. All the Capital Space business centres have free car parking for our office, workshop and studio customers, virtual customers and external companies who book our meeting rooms.

Users of the Milton Keynes Business Centre are in for a treat as work has been completed on the centre’s car park, updating, modifying, expanding and modernising it. We’re investing £22,000 in a block paved car park in Milton Keynes, has created 12 extra car parking spaces.

The work took under a month and was completed in time as lockdown restrictions eased and customers gradually started to return to work. Milton Keynes, Centre Manager, Matt Roberts commented: “The car park is one of the biggest assets that we have. There will be more scope for customers to provide parking for their staff without having to fight for space”.

An eco-friendly carpark

Not only are the renovations providing additional space and aesthetically updating the car park, but they will also aid Capital Space in becoming more environmentally friendly. We are keen to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint and we acknowledge that the future of the automation industry lies in either hybrid or purely electrical vehicles.

In keeping with this, the new Milton Keynes car park will have four electric car charging points, enabling electric-vehicle owners to charge their cars while they go to work or visit the centre. Electric car charging points were first trialled at Churchill Square Business Centre and in light of the success there, Milton Keynes will be the next centre to benefit from this technology. 

Improving the business centre during lockdown

While our business centres have been quieter than usual during the COVID-19 restrictions, we

have been undertaking improvements. At Milton Keynes, the team has created a series of new flower beds to brighten up the external scenery and pathways have been prepared. “It won’t cost us anything and it is a great eco-friendly initiative”, said Matt.

The centre has also taken advantage of this less busy period to lay down new carpets in the ground floor of communal areas of the main reception building, as well as the Jupiter meeting room. The oak doors within the building have also been re-varnished, to give them a smarter, sleeker look.

Matt explained: “We have been continuing with all the improvement works we had planned pre-lockdown, so that everyone comes back to a lovely, fresh-looking business centre. We want to make sure we stand out better than anywhere else”.

The modifications at Milton Keynes Business Centre during the coronavirus restrictions are a prime example of Capital Space not resting on its laurels and our mission to continually invest in our centres to make them an attractive, efficient environment for our customers. Our investment in environmentally friendly solutions and technologies also help us do our bit for the planet – as well as supporting our customers’ Corporate Social Responsibility policies.  

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