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Future-proofing a business offering

Future-proofing a business offering
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Future-proofing a business offering
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The coronavirus crisis has triggered business owners to adopt new ways of thinking during lockdown. As we slowly transition out of it, it’s useful to evaluate how we can apply our skills and techniques to the new SME landscape. This is something our new Churchill Square customer, WIS Accountancy, is embracing.

Growing a one stop shop for financial services

WIS Accountancy  began in 2009, founded by Wijay Kanagasundaram , Ifthikar Mohamed and Suneth Silva , – their names making up the W-I-S in the company’s catchy title – predominantly as an accountancy business.

“As three friends working in the corporate world, we were chartered accountants before we were business owners,” says Suneth, “We started working on WIS on a part time basis, but the business continued to evolve and grow.”

WIS Accountancy offers services predominantly to SMEs. Growing by word of mouth, the three founders left their full-time jobs and began to extend their services to include mortgage advice, protection and independent financial advice.

Branching out to further support clients

As they continued to grow the business, Wijay, Ifthakar and Suneth went on to qualify as mortgage brokers.

“We were directing a lot of customers towards our mortgage-broker connections, then realised that we could do the mortgage-brokering ourselves,” comments Suneth.  “Our ability to help our customers find mortgages was, for us, only one qualification away.”

“We were very client-driven,” says Suneth, “We all took the exams together, with the aim of being able to further help our clients and guide them through the world of mortgage advice and managing their savings.”  Now, WIS Accountancy is a one-stop shop that can offer its clients every sort of financial help.

Having recently moved into our Churchill Square Business Centre , and grown through word of mouth, the founders of WIS Accountancy have managed to build a great level of trust with customers, showing the success that can come from committing to the customer journey and embracing organic business growth.

Coronavirus impact on business

From the operations side, COVID-19 seems to have had negligible impact on WIS Accountancy. As Suneth explains: “Our way of working is very digital; our staff have just needed a laptop and internet connection to continue carrying providing our services. The crisis hasn’t affected us in an operational sense.”

However, many of Suneth’s clients were affected by the crisis, and the team became very busy assisting them in applying for business grants and in advising them on issues such as furloughing staff. The team put in lots of extra hours, but were then able to accommodate this with the freedom of working from home, rather than working solely from the Kings Hill office.

Remaining future-proof as a business

“A definite challenge for us, and the accountancy industry as a whole, has been technology,” says Suneth. “We have made a huge effort to invest in our IT as we realise that, in this day and age, those who don’t adapt and change are at risk of fading into the background.”

Suneth and his team have invested in an in-house system that keeps a record of all their clients, can accept enquiries via its website and allows clients to browse real-time quotes.

“Everything has evolved, and in the accountancy profession, there is the possibility of AI taking over,” says Suneth. To counteract this, the team continues to offer the highest standard of personal service, plus WIS Accountancy has revamped its mortgage advisory process and now, through its website, produces a digital offering.

By investing in the digital space surrounding the future of accountancy, Suneth and the team at WIS Accountancy offer an efficient service that is likely to thrive in the new, automated landscape.

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