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New meeting room names at our Croydon business centre

New meeting room names at our Croydon business centre
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New meeting room names at our Croydon business centre
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The fact that most businesses are currently required to work from home isn’t stopping us from dreaming about when things become a bit more normal again. When we’re allowed back in the office, it’s important that the workspace feels like a collaborative and positive space in which to spend working hours. The team at our Capital Business Centre in Croydon have been thinking up new names for their five meeting rooms, making the most of interesting historical links to the centre’s location, as well as bringing a creative flair to the communal workspaces.

Croydon: A Crocus Valley

Translated from Anglo-Saxon, Croydon means ‘Crocus Valley’, coming from the word ‘croh’ meaning crocus and ‘denu’ meaning valley. Embracing Croydon’s historical ties to Crocus flowers, staff at Capital Business Centre decided to incorporate the connection into its meeting room names.

Saffron can be harvested from the Crocus flower, which originates from the Iris family. This, in turn, has inspired the new room names of Iris, Saffron, Crocus, Valley, and Crocus Valley. In this way, the team has ensured every meeting room acknowledges the origin of Croydon’s name.

Currently, Crocus and Valley are available bur only for medical or educational meetings due to the current restrictions. Saffron is being put to good use already, as some of our staff – who’re required to work in the office – are currently using it as additional office space so that they can socially distance amongst themselves. Iris is quite a small office space, so when we’re allowed back – albeit socially distanced – it’ll only be suitable for one person at a time for the foreseeable future.

Adapting meeting rooms due to Covid-19

The names of our meeting rooms aren’t the only thing to have changed. Of the greatest importance, we’ve of course also ensured that all our meeting rooms abide by social-distancing guidelines, meaning your team and clients can be safe when meeting in these spaces when we’re able to return to the office. Our Croydon meeting rooms are available to hire by the hour, half day or day and have capacity from 4 people upwards. We can’t wait to be able to welcome customers and visitors back into the centre again once we’re allowed.

Our teams are working harder than ever to ensure Capital Space as a safe, helpful, enjoyable environment for your return to the office. Our fantastic support teams are committed to helping our customers in their new workspace routines.

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