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Why our free parking facilities get a thumbs up from our customers

Parking at our Kings HIll Business Centre
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Parking at our Kings HIll Business Centre
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

One of the most important benefits of a workplace – and one that’s often overlooked - is whether or not it offers easy parking. The ways in which it can make your working life easier may not occur to you until you’ve signed the contract for your new business accommodation. In a time where public transport is not preferable, it’s always useful to be able to rely on efficient parking. At Capital Space, you’ll never be in a tricky position when it comes to car parking – we’ve got it covered!

Spacious, convenient and free

Our clients are always praising our free parking, and often say it’s an important factor in persuading them to rent with us. All of our centres have spacious, roomy parking bays – and a lot of them! This takes away that added stress of having to find a space to park when arriving for work, something that can add to the time it takes to get from home to office. With Capital Space, you won’t be caught short if you need to be on time for an important meeting - just pull into a convenient bay wherever suits you.

Professional parking

Our customers can also attest to the professional impression that lots of free parking creates for clients who visit them for meetings. Creating a smooth, stress-free customer experience for your clients means ensuring they can find you and park close to you. This is a benefit in more ways than one. Ensuring they arrive at any meetings scheduled with you on time and stress-free helps ensure in turn that they’re on your side from the moment they enter your business property. All this is conducive to a successful working relationship, potentially opening the door for more opportunities down the line.

Our customers rave about our free parking facilities. Dr Linda Strong, of  Sinclair-Strong Consultants Ltd , based at Churchill Square Business Centre , said:Capital Space has a huge expanse of free parking, roomy bays which are well maintained in winter.”

Venkat Tikkireddi, of B-Well Therapy Ltd, based at Milton Keynes Business Centre , said: "I like the facilities…the parking is a big advantage too.”

Many of our customers operate within units at our centres as a satellite offices for convenience – so our easy parking is an added bonus to keep their business running smoothly.

Accessible, whatever the weather

We can’t guarantee the weather won’t let us down, but our centre managers will always grit parking bays in bad weather and, earlier this year, we trialled a de-icing service , which is set to continue this coming winter. It all means that, come rain, snow or shine, parking at our business centres is one less thing to worry about.

If you’re tired of limited or non-existent parking at your current business accommodation, or are looking for new ways to enhance your customer’s journey – both literal and metaphorical - from start to finish, it’s worth enquiring with our team as to availability at your local Capital Space office. Stress-free workplace parking is within reach for you, your employees and your clients!

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