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Using flexibility, adaptability and affordability to reshape business model during the pandemic

Cleaning industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic
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Cleaning industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The coronavirus crisis has changed every element of our lives: the way we socialise; the way we shop; and the way we travel. Unfortunately, the business world is no different, and companies are having to re-evaluate the way in which they operate to remain relevant in today’s world. We are particularly proud of one of our Greenway Business Centre customers, who has come up with innovative ways to navigate the current climate.

A sector turned upside down by COVID-19

Capital Space customer, TNT Cleaning has been at the Greenway Business Centre for two-years, moving to the centre after it chose to downsize to a cheaper and more flexible office space. The company provides corporate cleaning across a diverse array of sectors, always seeking to exceed its customer’s expectations.

It is hard to think of an industry that hasn’t been at least slightly affected by the coronavirus crisis but clearly the cleaning industry was one of the hardest hit. With offices, schools, shopping centres and restaurants closed, the number of businesses requiring professional cleaners was bound to decline. This was the situation that Company Director, Tyrone Atkinson, found himself in during the pandemic, losing 50% of his regular business at the very worst of it.

Reshaping the business to survive the pandemic

Tyrone identified at the start of the pandemic that he was going to need to quickly adapt if he wanted his business to come out of the other side. Besides the decline in business, other problems that Tyrone faced surrounded staffing issues, as some employees were worried about contracting the virus if they went into work.

Tyrone has therefore moved to make TNT Cleaning more flexible and adaptable, both to retain existing and recruit new clients: “What we do is trying to be flexible instead of working with contracts: we have told customers that, if the pandemic flares up again, they can terminate their contract without giving notice. We are being very understanding with current clients and they can change their hours or services whenever they like. We are working with a lot of businesses and adapting the service we offer to each owner, depending on their business needs.”

To promote COVID-secure office spaces, the company is also able to offer a sanitising solution that kills 99.999% of germs, which should ease the worries of both employees and employers nervous about returning to work. TNT is offering all these adaptations at very competitive rates to its customers, in recognition of the extraordinary times that we are living in.

Working at Capital Space at the heart of the pandemic

Although many businesses uprooted their working structure and moved to working from home during the height of the pandemic, TNT Cleaning never left the office: “We were here the whole time. It was good – there weren’t a lot of people around!” explained Tyrone, “everything is COVID-secure, we just have to follow the Capital Space team’s protocols. They’re doing everything they should be doing”.

Looking to the future

Although the company is still moving month-by-month as it recovers from the initial shock of the pandemic, Tyrone says that he has learnt a lot from the experience: “I don’t take anything for granted now. Anything can happen to a business to stop it from working – and we certainly never thought we'd have a pandemic.”

The company also provides an opportunity for those looking for work, as TNT Cleaning is recruiting staff in and around Essex, Harlow and London – welcome news for those who have been unable to perform their usual jobs during the pandemic.  The work on offer is flexible, to accommodate staff’s changing needs during this difficult time.

TNT Cleaning is just one of the SMEs that Capital Space houses that has had to adapt and evolve its business model during the pandemic to ensure it remains competitive and viable. If you want office space that can support your business’s ever-changing needs, please get in touch.

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