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TV Sheriffs: Kings Hill customer appears on BBC1 show

TV Sheriffs: Kings Hill customer appears on BBC1 show
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TV Sheriffs: Kings Hill customer appears on BBC1 show
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Lockdown has had a challenging impact on all sorts of industries, and our Kings Hill customer, Quality Bailiffs, is no different. From being unable to perform some of their key services, to appearing on a popular BBC1 show about their industry, the team of enforcement specialists has had a memorable experience of ups and downs during the pandemic. Looking to the future, the team are anticipating an upcoming appearance on television that is sure to create exciting new avenues for the business.

Business before and during the pandemic

Quality Bailiffs  has been based at Churchill Square Business Centre for almost three years, beginning in a smaller unit and gradually moving to a larger space in the centre as the business began to expand. Commercial director, James King , has nothing but praise for his time with Capital Space in Kings Hill: “It’s always been a really good experience. The reception and management team are brilliant,” he says.

Coronavirus impact on the enforcement industry

During the coronavirus crisis, Quality Bailiffs had to overcome obstacles at the starting line, navigating work under new government guidelines while also trying to finalise a merger with fellow High Court Enforcement services, Frank G Whitworth .

“We are regulated by the Ministry of Justice , so had to ensure we were falling in line with government guidelines at every turn,” comments James, recalling the implementation of social distancing and lack of residential property visits as challenges that the team had to overcome.

Another notable setback James adds was marketing at the beginning of the pandemic: “It seemed almost rude to contact a new client amid the crisis, when many businesses were struggling and shutting down,” comments James. He is now looking forward to the times ahead, however, having returned to his Churchill Square Business Centre office two months ago.

“When work picked back up, I had to go back to the office because it was so busy. The staff have done a cracking job with safety regulations at the centre,” comments James. “We also enjoy the benefit of security and seeing that the centre is really well looked after. Seeing the other teams from different businesses returning to work has been great.”

Moving forward from coronavirus challenges

Looking ahead to new opportunities, James is optimistic. “In the next five years we’re looking to expand heavily,” he says. “With our forthcoming appearance on BBC1’s The Sheriffs are Coming, we’re hoping to see a massive increase in people using our services. Now that residential evictions are phasing back, we’re ready to begin operating a wider selection of our services again.”

Quality Bailiffs appeared on the new BBC 1 series The Sheriffs are Coming at 8pm on 22nd September. The programme is described by James as having a ‘Robin Hood’ storyline, where the team carry out their services and strive to retrieve funds that are owed to their clients.  

Despite being unable to carry out many of its regular services, Quality Bailiffs has done a fantastic job in supporting its clients as much as possible during these strange times. We wish them luck in returning to work following their debut BBC performance!

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