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Upgrading our COVID-secure precautions

Upgrading our COVID-secure precautions
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Upgrading our COVID-secure precautions
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

As our customers adapt their working habits to the most efficient routines for themselves and their teams, some have been phasing back into our office space. Whilst all of our business centres operate under COVID-19 secure procedures, some centre management teams have taken extra initiative to further introduce social distancing regulations and additional procedures to continue to keep customers safe.

Making our business centres COVID secure

As many of our customers readjusted to life working from home at the beginning of lockdown, our business support teams were busy introducing COVID-secure procedures so that when they were ready to return to the office, our customers could have peace of mind. These regulations included introducing new safety equipment, adapting office procedures and releasing guidance for those in the centre to follow, allowing us to continue keeping our locations as safe as possible.

Extra precautions at our Kings Hill centre

While all our business centres continue to be COVID-19 compliant, the centre management team at Churchill Square Business Centre in Kings

Hill has continued to build upon and increase its safety procedures as some customers continue to phase themselves back into office life. These procedures include:

  • Locked Building 80 doors:  The door to the main reception building in Churchill Square will be locked with access then only possible via a customer’s fob, as per the other buildings. If the customer is not based in Building 80, they will be able to buzz in.
  • Seating in the lobby areas: The seating and chairs in the lobby areas of Building 80 have been removed to prevent people waiting in these areas and causing mass congregation in one space.
  • Visitors  buzzing in: Customers are encouraged to meet their visitors at the door and escort them to their respective offices, or ask them to come straight to their office space. If the customer is not available for the guest straight away, the visitor will be asked to wait either outside the building away from the entrance, or in their car. This is to stop multiple visitors waiting in the lobby areas and causing less distance between people trying to pass them en route to their offices, toilet facilities, or to exit the building.

Precautions at our other centres

As a reminder, all of our centres have introduced strict safety procedures, including:

  • Management of foot traffic: ensuring the flow of traffic in and around buildings, especially communal areas
  • Managing social distancing
  • Investing in antibacterial equipment: such as door-push plates, door-handle covers, sanitising stations, and signage 
  • Adapting cleaning measures
  • Adapting procedures for contractors 

Our customers’ response

Working from home may be a convenient, or at least manageable, change for a lot of businesses in the current climate, but some of our

customers have made the decision to return to our business centres to carry out their work efficiently. Here’s what some of our office returners have to say about their experience of returning:

“The centre is COVID-secure, and we can ensure both our team and course-participants are safe here.  Of the several offices that we as a company rent cross Suffolk and Essex, the Waterhouse Business Centre is the only one with Purehold handles and door plates, which are fantastic.”

Operations Manager, Melanie Hercus, Realise Futures (Chelmsford)

“When work picked back up, I had to go back to the office because it was so busy. The staff have done a cracking job with safety regulations at the centre.”

Commercial Director, James King, Quality Bailiffs (Kings Hill)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you all do to keep us safe and sound. You are our key workers and we wouldn’t be able to operate as safely and effectively as we do if you weren’t all there looking after us. You do an amazing job. Thank you.”

Director, Brian Glynn, EOS Lighting Solutions (Loughton)

Although working from home is manageable for many business owners and their team during the coronavirus pandemic, we are proud to be providing business that need a safe space to work with the COVID-secure office space and peace of mind that they require. We look forward to providing our fantastic customers with business support while navigating the months ahead.

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