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The Capital Space customers with a passion for recycling

The Capital Space customers with a passion for recycling
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The Capital Space customers with a passion for recycling
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

With the pandemic pursuing, sometimes it is easy to forget the other global pressing issue of our time: the environmental crisis. We’re proud to be the home of some standout SMEs across the home counties. One of our Kings Hill clients , stands out for their ability to offer a solution to the UK’s recycling problem.

What happens to all the paper we recycle?

Have you ever considered what actually happens to all the paper that you put out for recycling each week? Well, the answer to the question isn’t as simple as you might thing, as the Managing Director of MOL Fiber Limited , explains: “UK households generate around 30 million tonnes of waste every year and around a fifth of that is paper and packaging. In the waste, newspapers are declining, and cardboard is increasing. We generate more waste than we can recycle here in the UK, and millions of tonnes have to be exported.”

It is this problem that MOL Fiber Limited has the solution to and it has enabled them to become a procurement agent for the largest mill in the MENA region, Middle East Paper Company . “MOL Fiber export around 100,000 tonnes of sorted waste paper for recycling, to the Middle and Far East, mainly into packaging in countries that need packaging for produced goods,” explains Colin. “These goods are often destined for the UK, where the packaging is discarded again, and so the cycle begins again! Due to the imbalance of trade, the cost of freight to the Far East is often less than within the UK, as containers would go back empty if not for waste.

“We work with Waste Recyclers of Commercial and Industrial Waste, and local authorities to get the best value for them, whilst ensuring duty of care for the waste product. We also import reels of packaging paper for them to use in the UK.”

The perfect local location for growing a business

MOL Fiber Limited moved to Churchill Square in Kings Hill in 2010, deciding that it was a good area for business and also local to Colin: “We came to Capital Space as it was simply a hassle free, easy to get to, managed space that gave us what we needed”. Colin believes that this reliance on a serviced office enabled him to concentrate on his business and grow it to where it is now.

Adapting working methods during the coronavirus crisis

When the coronavirus restrictions were introduced in March, like most businesses, MOL Fiber Limited had to rethink its operations: “We have a small team of 6 people. All of us continued to work throughout 2020, albeit mainly at home. Logistics were affected from time to time as trade flows ebb and flow that can cause us difficulties. However, with everyone at home, waste collections continued, and in turn, we continued to export. Our volume is down, but we were able to continue.”

Despite the challenges of COVID, Collin described his sense of pride in his workforce during the height of the pandemic: “Operations continue as normal, but we have not all met up together since February. We have a loyal team who have been with us for very many years. They have to be flexible and adapt, which they have done really well.”

Office space that supports flexible working

With many businesses forced to work from home during the pandemic, many are now considering how they are going to continue to work going forwards. Like many companies, Colin can still see the advantages to having physical office space, even if they are going to be working remotely more often.

“We are likely to continue as we are in the next few years. COVID has accelerated changes that were happening already: working from home and less travel being the obvious affects. I expect we will always prefer to have an office space, and it’s great that we can be flexible at Capital Space as the space we require decreases or increases. That’s the beauty of Capital Space’s accommodation: we can adapt together.”

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