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What 2020 was like for Capital Space

What 2020 was like for Capital Space
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What 2020 was like for Capital Space
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The need to navigate their company through tumultuous times is something every business owner may have to do at some point. At Capital Space, we’ve encountered difficult situations in the past, but never before has there been one that has required such a swift response. The coronavirus lockdown has directly challenged the services we provide and, as a company, we’ve learnt some important lessons and strategies that have seen us through to this point.

Our immediate coronavirus response

When lockdown was announced on 23 March , it was vital that we facilitated the shift to home working for our customers as quickly and smoothly as possible. In a time where information was conflicting, we sought out reputable experts in HR and IT to create resources for our customers. We released expert articles on working from home as safely as possible , details about furlough , and marketing strategies to survive the coronavirus lockdown, amongst many other nuggets of useful information in our news archive .

As many customers moved their team meetings onto Zoom, we published information on keeping meetings as safe as possible , and when customers began to phase back to the office in June, we ensured that all of our business centres had the appropriate safety measures installed. 

How we’re working medium-term

In light of new government guidance , we’re supporting customers where we can and adapting to each customer’s situation on a case-by-case basis. Some of our customers need to come in to the office for unique reasons, so we’re constantly continuing to upgrade our safety measures on a frequent basis, making our centres extra COVID-secure . The safety measures have been well-received by our customers:

“The centre is COVID-secure, and we can ensure both our team and course participants are safe here.  Of the several offices that we as a company rent cross Suffolk and Essex, the Waterhouse Business Centre is the only one with Purehold handles and door plates, which are fantastic.”

Operations Manager, Melanie Hercus, Realise Futures  (Chelmsford)

“When work picked back up, I had to go back to the office because it was so busy. The staff have done a cracking job with safety regulations at the centre.”

Commercial Director, James King, Quality Bailiffs  (Kings Hill)

“Capital Space are our key workers and we wouldn’t be able to operate as safely and effectively as we do if you weren’t all there looking after us. You do an amazing job. Thank you.”

Director, Brian Glynn, EOS Lighting Solutions  (Loughton)

For our centres that remain quieter than pre-pandemic times, we’ve been making an effort to carry out maintenance and improvements so our centres are in top shape when our customers can come back to us. Our Milton Keynes Business Centre underwent renovations in August to generate extra parking space – just one of the developments that our centres are undergoing during less busy times.

Our strategy for the long term

Despite the changing government guidance and unpredictability, Capital Space has successfully adapted. Managing director, Peter Boam remains steadfast:

“One promise that will remain robust is our commitment to continuing to support our customers virtually and in our centres throughout this time.”

Capital Space has worked through more than one recession in its time, but the ultra-swift response that we have come up with this year has been unprecedented. We’re extremely proud of our business support teams as they work throughout this time. We’ve welcomed back many customers – and look forward to seeing our remaining businesses when it is safe to do so.

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