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How our customers have adapted through coronavirus

How our customers have adapted through coronavirus
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How our customers have adapted through coronavirus
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

At Capital Space, we’ve done our fair share of adapting during 2020 – introducing new safety measures, helping our customers apply for grants, and working as hard as we can to support them through the need to shift working patterns posed by coronavirus. We’re not the only ones who have been going through changes, as our customers have been tweaking their own business models and learning new skills throughout lockdown and beyond.

Introducing new services and products

Although coronavirus has posed setbacks for many businesses, our customers have seen challenges as an opportunity and introduced new services to help their clients:

  • TNT Cleaning, Greenway Business Centre: Director Tyrone decided at the beginning of the pandemic that he was going to need to adapt quickly if he wanted his business to come out the other side. Tyrone responded to a decline in business and staffing issues by making TNT Cleaning more flexible and adaptable, retaining existing clients and recruiting new ones: “We are working with a lot of businesses and adapting the service we offer to each owner, depending on their business needs,” he says.To promote COVID-secure office spaces, the company is able to offer a sanitising solution that kills 99.999% of germs, which should ease the worries of both employees and employers nervous about returning to work.

“We’ve also been helping our customers rearrange their offices to allow for social distancing, as well as creating home furniture so people can work efficiently from home,” comments Chris.

  • Vue IT Training, Churchill Square Business Centre: Vue IT Training owner, Helen Fooks, realised many of her clients’ teams were challenged by the crossover to virtual methods of communication such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. She had the ability to help many of her clients navigate the new, uncertain waters of online video conferencing tools by developing 90-minute online training courses, replacing the previous half-day and day-long sessions she hosted. Helen made these recordable, so clients could go back and revisit the sessions if they ever struggled. She also launched free online YouTube training tutorials along with boosting her marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Implementing safety measures

Introducing new products and services weren’t the only changes our customers made, as many adopted new, strict safety measures as lockdown eased, meaning clients could visit their business premises:

  • RuffCutz, Milton Keynes Business Centre: When asked about lessons he’s learned from Covid-19, RuffCutz owner, Martin Ruff, emphasises how wary people remain about the virus, and how important it is to abide by social-distancing measures as a hair-cutting business. “You have to be spot-on with all the PPE and cleansing procedures,” he says, having implemented all necessary guidelines at RuffCutz to keep customers and staff safe.
  • Eat in House Café, Loughton Seedbed Centre: Eat in House Café owner, Mehmet Huysal, has been working hard to ensure his café is as safe and clean as possible for customers and staff, increasing the level of cleaning that takes place as well as keeping antibacterial supplies for customers’ use when they come to click and collect when not in lockdown.

Moving services online

From conducting team meetings over Zoom to moving the majority of services online, our customers have been working hard to keep their businesses running smoothly on virtual platforms:

  • Eat in House Café, Loughton Seedbed Centre: From his success through the website and JustEat listing, it’s clear that Mehmet has reaped the benefits of an online business presence: “The only way forward is to be online,” he comments. “It’s very clear that owning a business in the food industry will never be the same – so much of it can be offered online now and continue successfully that way.”
  • Kaizen Consultancy, Waterhouse Business Centre:  The Kaizen Consultancy eam has invested in Huddle as a platform, to enable their customers to share documents with them, work remotely together and ensure data security, proving there are benefits to forward- thinking and adapting to new challenges. Director, Tony Catchpole, has seen the lockdown more as an opportunity than a threat, and has been innovative in finding new ways to use remote working as a means of helping businesses with their ISO management systems.

“I’ve learnt that change has to be embraced, and it’s vital to adapt so that you can grow,” explains Tony. “There are only certain things that are in our control and sometimes a positive attitude is the only way – perception is all there is!”

At Capital Space, we’re proud both of our determined customers and our business support teams who have been there for them as they’ve adapted throughout the year. By instigating rigorous new safety measures, tweaking business models and going the extra mile for their clients, we’re positive our customers will continue to succeed through these tumultuous times, and we wish them the best possible luck for 2021!

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