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Young entrepreneur finds business footing during Covid lockdown

Young entrepreneur finds business footing during Covid lockdown
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Young entrepreneur finds business footing during Covid lockdown
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
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The coronavirus lockdowns have posed unforeseen challenges for even the most seasoned of business owners, but our Sittingbourne customer Luke Blundy has experienced it during his first foray into owning a business. Yet Blundy’s Distribution, which has been based at our St George’s Business Park for less than a year, has already got into its stride.

Young entrepreneur

Based at our Sittingbourne location, St George’s Business Park, Blundy’s Distribution has had quite the journey this year. Its managing director, Luke Blundy , left sixth form to start the distribution business in 2017. Starting out with email and online marketing, he managed steadily to grow the business into different areas, operating as a parent company to his other endeavours, The Gaming Warehouse, The Gadget Warehouse and more.

Luke thanks his enterprise programme for helping him in the early stages:

“In 2018 I joined The Prince’s Trust , a young enterprise programme. A mentor guided me through the setup and listened to my ideas. I’ve been busy ever since!”

Coronavirus’s impact on business

Blundy’s was majorly affected by the coronavirus crisis, but not in the negative way some businesses have unfortunately experienced. More time spent at home meant an influx of people in need of gaming accessories and gadgets.

“Sales multiplied by about eight times,” says Luke. “It was really an intense couple of months.”

While many businesses shifted their model to working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, Luke’s business had to move to a warehouse unit in Sittingbourne to handle the influx of business.

“We moved into St George’s Business Park at beginning of July. We were working from home before, but had to find some space quickly. Capital Space’s monthly licence really appealed to me, as I needed accommodation quickly with no long-term commitment during the unpredictable climate,” comments Luke.

Keeping business in the family

The influx of business also meant that Luke had to rethink his staffing levels. Pre-coronavirus, he had worked alone, but by February of this year, he was hiring new recruits.

“My family started working with me, as Covid drove demand so high. It’s really great working with them,” he says.

Moving on from coronavirus business challenges

Despite Luke’s success, operating a business during lockdown doesn’t happen without its challenges.

“One month I could name about fifteen mistakes I had made – the lockdown threw a lot of learning curves and unfortunately most of them cost me money! But they’ve been learning opportunities, for sure,” comments Luke.

Looking ahead to next year, Luke has big plans for Blundy’s distribution, intending to expand more of The Gaming Warehouse and branch out into gadgets and tech.

It’s admirable to see how such a young entrepreneur has succeeded throughout two national lockdowns thanks to hi in-demand product and business model. We look forward to seeing Blundy’s Distribution grow even further at our Sittingbourne location!

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