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Capital Space Business Centres join two local interest groups

Capital Space Business Centres join two local interest groups
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Capital Space Business Centres join two local interest groups
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

At Capital Space, we don’t just want to be part of the scenery, we’re passionate about becoming an integral part of the communities where our offices are located. That’s we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just been named an Ambassador for Harlow and become partners with Develop Croydon.

It’s safe to say that being stuck at home for around nine months has made us appreciate what there is to offer within our local communities and we’re keen to help contribute to our local communities as much as we can.

The pandemic has also highlighted to some the clear disadvantages to commuting: long journeys; unreliable public transport and negative environmental repercussions are just a few of the problems that have been highlighted while ex-commuters work from home. At the same time, the issues faced when working from home – such as poor broadband, noisy and cramped space and monotony – have also been revealed. This is leading to a surge in demand for satellite offices, where companies take out a smaller ‘satellite’ base for their employees in one location, giving them a formal office space, nearer to their own doorsteps. That’s why we’re more passionate than ever about serving our local communities, as we can offer local workspace options for people who want to stay closer to home.

Develop Croydon

Capital Business Centre is now part of the Develop Croydon forum. The forum aims to promote Croydon as an area to live, work and invest in, utilising a network of key advocates who also believe in this mission. Develop Croydon is a not-for-profit organisation, with its finances closely monitored by an independent committee, who also advise on where the finances they raise should be spent.

By joining the committee, we’re hoping that we can play a more active role in contributing to the fiscal rejuvenation of the area, as well as helping us build vital connections with individuals and businesses in the district. Capital Space is home to some amazing SMEs throughout the South East, and we always seek to go above and beyond to promote their interests. Within the forum, we aim to be an advocate for our customers and other SMEs within the area; the pandemic has been a difficult time for all businesses – especially smaller ones – so now seems like a great time to promote their interests.

We’re a Harlow Ambassador!

Okay, so it might not be as glamourous as being named as one of President Elect Joe Biden’s new ambassadors, but we couldn’t be prouder for Greenway Business Centre to be named one of Discover Harlow’s ambassadors. Discover Harlow aims to help put Harlow on the global map as a great place to do business and live. The group is entirely funded by the local council, but its board is comprised of local businesses.

Discover Harlow has a passion for promoting the town’s history and its present culture, which involves a vibrant arts community, outstanding schools and a lively business scene. We’re looking forward to using our new role as a Harlow Ambassador to help cultivate positive change within the community and to promote the work of some of our incredible business customers in the local online Stories magazine .

At Capital Space, we’re so much more than just office space. If you’re looking for an adaptable and flexible professional base, with a team dedicated to promoting your interests, then please get in touch.

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