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New Tea Pavilion at our Milton Keynes centre

New Tea Pavilion at our Milton Keynes centre
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New Tea Pavilion at our Milton Keynes centre
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

There’s no denying that 2020 was a mix of disappointment, unpredictability and plans going down the drain for many of our customers. This year, we’re eager to bring some positivity and excitement back to our centres, and our new Milton Keynes construction project is destined to do just that.

Upcoming refurbishments in the works

Our Milton Keynes Business Centre has plans to upgrade its facilities with the exciting addition of a £220,000 eco-friendly, timber-framed tea pavilion. This project is subject to planning, but the aim is to see it open to customers at Easter 2021.

The 800-square foot, single-storey structure will be adjacent to Building G and will offer indoor and outdoor seating, and feature bifold doors and outdoor decking.

Centre manager Matt Roberts comments: "It provides a welcome break-out area for customers, enhances the wellbeing aspect of our business centre and is being built directly in response to customers' requests."

An eco-friendly, relaxed design for customers to enjoy

Constructed by TG Escapes , which creates modular, eco-friendly structures, the attractive, prefabricated building offers customers an alternative to the existing onsite café. The building will be a great sustainable addition to the site, with a low-carbon construction and a café offering a range of healthy and vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will also be available to use for informal meetings, as a break-out area for customers and for special centre events, such as the annual summer party.

With the large windows allowing lots of natural light into the building, the business centre wants to provide a relaxing space to help enhance the wellbeing of customers, particularly during this uncertain time. Our business support team is positive that this new building will offer a flexible space that will also be used for network events and fundraising.

Our customers’ comments before and after the launch

During the planning stage of the tea pavilion project, we thought we’d get some insights from our own customers to gauge their interest in the creation of the space. We were thrilled to hear many of them say they would utilise the space and that they believed it would be a benefit to them, their staff, and their businesses.

Our customers also had some positive, encouraging comments about the upcoming plans:

“I am usually here in the evenings due to nature of my work, so it would be nice to see it open and have a space outside of the office.”

“The new pavilion looks great, and will be something myself and my colleagues will utilise.”

“A change of environment would be a great, refreshing change of pace.”

“It will be awesome to have a relaxing place to eat!”

It has been a tough time for our customers recently, as some have been inundated with enquiries and others have had to work hard to source new income streams. We believe this project will provide a relaxing new space for our customers to enjoy, and its opening will prove an exciting event for our business-support teams and customers to look forward to.

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